Use Cases

VoIP/PBX Telephony

Even 1 Mbit/s is enough!

Sometimes it’s just about making phone calls. Since VoIP and data SIMs, this can also be solved via a PBX system. The advantage? A data rate of 1 Mbit/s is usually sufficient for a voice connection. With a Flat 1 from Digital Republic, the mobile connection of smartphones to the telephone system can be realised at a fraction of the price of common mobile subscriptions. So when it comes to a pure telephone connection, costs and redirection efforts can be saved thanks to VoIP and data SIM.

The office phone in your pocket

In addition to cost savings, VoIP telephony via smartphone offers further advantages in use. In addition to the mobile number, which can also be used outgoing with an additional voice package, fixed network numbers of the PBX system can also be operated mobile via a corresponding app. So it no longer matters whether the employees are sitting at their desks or out in the field, availability via the business number is guaranteed at all times. This enables employees to clearly separate their business and private lives.

Thanks to the intuitive customer portal, conventional mobile subscriptions can also be configured at any time, in case a separate mobile number is needed after all. The speed of the SIM cards already purchased can also be adjusted at any time, according to current needs and projects.

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