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Building Technology

LTE and 5G Close the Gap in Infrastructure.

Buildings come in all colors, shapes and sizes, but they don’t always come with the necessary infrastructure to implement modern solutions such as remote maintenance and monitoring or predictive maintenance. Thanks to mobile communications, older buildings can now also be equipped with modern building technology.

Mobile communications make digital solutions usable

Especially in old buildings, technical rooms are often limited to the essential connections such as water, gas and electricity. The necessary infrastructure for connecting to the Internet is often missing or still consists of old copper cables, which makes the processes more complicated and on-site visits more frequent. In the age of remote controls and smart monitoring, this can quickly become frustrating. With SIM-enabled end devices or just an LTE router and a SIM card, these problems are quickly eliminated. Our cheap tariffs for low bandwidths are perfect for sensors and controllers of all kinds and are used successfully by many of our partners.

Digitalizing raports has never been easier

Not only the systems in the buildings have to be networked, but also the technicians who look after the buildings. This not only lightens the bag for numerous folders, but also simplifies the processing and organization of work reports in the office.

Tablets are becoming cheaper and more practical. Most are already equipped with a SIM card slot, making them the perfect companion for every service technician. Reports can not only be transmitted in real time and supplemented with photo or video files, the mobile Internet connection also makes it easy to look up manuals, circuit diagrams and reports. Spare parts can be ordered directly on site and appointment bookings and/or customer forms can also be completed immediately and without any paperwork.

The Digital Republic tariffs can be adjusted at any time depending on the connection speed and are therefore ideally configurable for all applications that a company needs. Building technology can be that smart.

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