Mobiler Stromgenerator

Use Cases

Energy Services

Energy service providers are essential for the daily functioning of modern society. Whether it’s about supply, installation or service: good monitoring is what counts! We provide the necessary connection.

Smart metering made easy

The energy infrastructure has become more sensitive and complex. The applications are expanding year after year with new systems, modern forms of application such as smart e-charging stations, smart metering and predictive maintenance. The advantage: everything is becoming faster and more connected. The challenge: Everything has to be connected and work seamlessly.

When monitoring systems, the data stream must be constant and reliable, which requires strong connectivity. A route via fiber optics or PLC is not always possible. Mobile systems or solutions in remote areas in particular require a reliable universal solution. The Digital Republic IoT SIM cards offer a remedy here.

Connection is established. No matter when and where it is needed

With the SIM cards from Digital Republic, small bandwidths can be booked, which are necessary for smart metering applications. Thanks to the flexible running time, the smart meters can only be used sporadically. If the meter is read every three months, the SIM card can be deactivated for the remaining months. In this way, an electricity company saves 8 months of running costs. The advantage of a fast and location-independent connection of all devices whose data is to be evaluated is obvious. Remote maintenance systems can also be implemented in this way without any expensive investments in the connection infrastructure. Wireless, safe and fast.

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