Digital Health System mit Smartphone und Screen zur Befestigung am Patientenbett

Use Cases

Digital Health

Thanks to wearables and smart med-tech, healthcare is becoming more connected. A strong connectivity solution via mobile communications ensures that patients and service providers are informed at all times and from any location.

Communication and monitoring made easy

In healthcare, connectivity is becoming a game changer. Smart devices for remote monitoring of heart rate, blood sugar or oxygen saturation transmit real-time data to doctors, nutritionists or fitness coaches. The solutions range from lifestyle and wellbeing to vital monitoring for heart patients. Of course, only the most reliable solution can be chosen in these sensitive areas of life. Thanks to our partnership with the network operator Sunrise, our customers can count on an award-winning mobile network with excellent coverage. With our unlimited data tariffs, even in low bandwidth, the result is an optimal complete package for connectivity in digital health solutions.

Simple and transparent functionality – because health does not allow mistakes

Digital health providers want to focus on their core competencies. The smart monitoring and support of patients requires complex hardware and software. Connectivity should therefore be as simple and flexible as possible without causing too much effort. Thanks to Digital Republic’s customer portal, adjusting tariffs, activating and deactivating SIM cards or reordering them is easier than anywhere else. So that healthcare remains the focus and communication simply works.

Thanks to the 5G standard, latency is not an issue, even with small amounts of data, and the tiered tariff system means that the costs are transparent and manageable at all times. Digital Republic SIM cards are already being used successfully in pocket ECGs, among other things, and thus enable heart patients to lead a more self-determined life and the treating physicians to have reliable and regular data on the condition of their patients.

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