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Use Cases

Payment Systems

Paying with a smartphone has already become standard for many. But connectivity is also a key element on the other side of the payment process. Reliability and stability are essential for modern payment systems.

POS systems that work everywhere

The hospitality industry has been swearing by cellular as a connectivity solution for their POS systems in remote areas for some time. Whether it’s a mountain restaurant, a temporary pop-up cafe or a street food festival, independent projects require independent solutions. The advantages of mobile communications are obvious: secure and reliable connection to the Internet, easy networking of mobile devices and cheap data tariffs, completely location-independent and flexible.

Connecting pays off with Digital Republic

Whether payments are to be made at an event, in a restaurant or in the field, the connectivity in the payment system must be right. With Digital Republic’s rate model, all customers will find a scalable solution for the corresponding applications.

Thanks to the customer portal, new payment systems can be activated within a very short time, so that all devices are always connected to the Internet, even if there are temporary increases in sales outlets. If the sales volume levels off, SIM cards that are not required can be deactivated free of charge and payment systems can be taken offline.

The solution adapts to the needs of the customers. So it doesn’t matter whether a restaurant chain or a festival needs to be managed with payment systems. Thanks to the self-administration via the customer portal, as a service provider of payment systems, you always have an overview of all your devices and customers.

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