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The Networked SME

A Challenge for Connectivity Providers

Anyone who wants to network their company is dependent on reliable and uncomplicated solutions. Reliable service, flexible contract design, favorable rates and a high degree of independence are key. Demand is high, but the supply is surprisingly small, especially outside the major providers. At Digital Republic, we have made it our mission to meet these demands. Free, fair, and progressive, we provide not only consumers but also business customers with the connectivity, fast customer service, and self-management tools that modern digital life demands. 

Challenge 1 – Flexibility

The employees of the modern, networked SME are equipped with smartphones and business numbers. A reliable data connection is just as important as a high degree of flexibility when activating, porting or canceling services. When people leave the company, it must be possible to either transfer the numbers to a new person or deactivate them, preferably at short notice and without incurring high costs for the company. Ideally, the mobile provider should therefore offer contracts without a minimum term and enable easy management of registered users. If employees should or want to use their private devices, an easy way must also be created to allow the business number to be used on the private device. The solution here is a dual SIM function

Digital Republic’s customer portal gives business customers like the networked SME the ability to easily manage the phone numbers and rates for their employees themselves. SIM cards can be ordered, deactivated or paused at the touch of a button. The customer data for the respective phone number can also be adjusted directly in the customer portal itself. In addition, all rates can also be ordered as an eSIM, which enables immediate activation and also greatly simplifies the setup of the business number as a dual SIM on eSIM-enabled devices. We describe exactly how this works in this article. Digital Republic’s tariffs are all cancellable on a monthly basis (except for annual packages) and also allow existing numbers to be ported. Super flexible and super uncomplicated.

Challenge 2 – Independence

The networked SME has a stable Internet connection at all work locations, whether in the office or in the field. Uncomplicated setup is just as important as an inexpensive rate and universal applicability. Since work locations are changing more and more frequently and many companies also want to be networked on the road, solutions via the mobile network are the obvious choice. With a data SIM card, not only the LTE Router in the office, but also the vehicle fleet, the service technician’s tablet or the sales consultant’s laptop can be equipped with a fast Internet connection, at any time and in any place. At the same time, the costs for the data connection should be kept within the most efficient limits possible, without work being impaired by a connection that is too slow.

For this purpose, Digital Republic offers a wide range of different tariffs, which do not differ in data volume, but only in connection speed. Thus, business customers do not have to worry about the data volume and can adjust the costs to their own needs. For offices with several workstations, rates such as Flat300 or Flat2000 are ideal, while a Flat10 is also sufficient for the connectivity of a tablet or a vehicle. The networked SME is smart, so it only pays for the level of connectivity it actually needs.

Challenge 3 – Reliability

Anyone who relies on the service of an Internet and mobile provider does not want to be left out in the cold when problems arise. This also applies to networked SMEs. Day-to-day business usually leaves no room for technical problems, which is why connectivity must also be reliable. However, should problems or questions arise, competent and fast customer service must be guaranteed. However, especially with very low-priced offers, this service tends to leave a lot to be desired.

At Digital Republic, we are fortunate to be able to count on a competent team of dedicated and friendly supporters who are also happy to provide advice and assistance to networked SMEs. We even go one step further: business customers receive individual advice not only on problems, but also on the design of their connectivity solutions. Corresponding appointments can be booked either by phone, via our online form or directly in the consulting calendar.

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