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TWINT Trending for New Activations

TWINT has been enjoying increasing popularity in Switzerland for years. We use the TWINT services regularly ourselves and are convinced of the success of the uncomplicated payment model. Since the end of January, our customers have also been able to pay all rates via TWINT. This is an option that is very popular.


Simple and Transparent

Thanks to the TWINT-app , payments can be made directly via the bank account or a local TWINT balance. What many people don't know yet: Recurring payments are now also possible via TWINT. This means you can have your Digital Republic rate debited directly from your bank account and, thanks to the TWINT app, always have all your costs under control, without having to leave your credit card details. This creates more transparency and more security. The success of this model is also reflected in our customers: Although this payment option has only been available at Digital Republic for a short time, 10% of our customers already pay their rates with TWINT. The popularity of the offer becomes even clearer when we look at new activations. One in three customers already chooses TWINT as the payment method for their mobile subscription with Digital Republic. This is a clear sign that uncomplicated and fast payment processing is highly valued, even for recurring payments.


The Smart Way to Pay

Credit card subscription models are booming. So it's easy to lose track of the running costs. Transparency is different. That's why we've integrated TWINT to give you the option of paying your Digital Republic subscription directly via your bank account. Like an electronic direct debit, only better! Thanks to the TWINT app, all debits can be tracked in real time. This gives you full control and overview of your ongoing costs at all times, without having to log into your eBanking or wait for your credit card statement to arrive. Smart provider, smart payment method!


Progressive Out of Conviction

We are convinced that simple digital payment solutions like TWINT will become even more relevant in the future. Progressiveness is not an empty promise at Digital Republic, which is why we were also the first provider to accept cryptocurrencies. Our declared goal is to continuously adapt our offer to the needs of our customers and to make the latest technologies usable. As uncomplicated and free as possible.

Accordingly, the integration of TWINT as a payment method allows us to live up to our own philosophy and provide you with the same transparency in your payments as we have long done with our SIM cards and data tariffs. Our 30% new activation rate with TWINT speaks for itself.

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