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It almost seems too good to be true: a mobile communications offer with personal customer service, no contract ties, and good quality that is also inexpensive. Far too often, customers in Switzerland have to choose between either a well-developed service or a low price. Digital Republic takes a different approach and delivers the best of both worlds. To make this work, we specifically focus on minimalism and flexibility.

What Makes Digital Republic’s Service Stand Out?

If you follow the feedback from our customers on Google or Trustpilot, you will quickly notice what sets Digital Republic apart:

Customer service

When you’re with Digital Republic, you benefit from a customer service experience that rests on three pillars: A developed support center for effective self-help, written contact options via email or form, and an open phone line without a queue with a competent and friendly support team.

The little things make the difference here, too. For example, if you call us and our lines are busy, you will be called back. Waiting on hold and computer voices were yesterday!

This distinguishes Digital Republic from many particularly low-cost providers who cut back on support in order to keep their rates low. The fact that it is possible and must be possible to do things differently is a major concern for our customers and is demonstrated time and again by the corresponding ratings.

Simple Rates

We all know the rate maze in the mobile market and its potential for frustration. You see a cool promotion at a provider, a countdown to order, and then it happens. For what seems to be the best price in Switzerland, you get an unlimited cell phone subscription including roaming.

For one year.

After that, you are tied to the minimum contract period for another year and suddenly pay more every month. The super offer turns into a super frustration, because if you want to switch early, it’s only possible with a lot of effort via a call center that wants to persuade you to stay and if you finally get your way, you pay a high penalty fee for the early termination.

Digital Republic takes a different approach here as well, and this is where the aforementioned minimalism comes into play.

Because you want to connect your devices and not contracts, Digital Republic focuses on consistent simplicity. You can freely choose whether you want to use a data-only SIM or also make phone calls and send text messages. In addition, the prices are graded according to connection speed, because not every device has the same requirements.

This way you never have to pay for something you don’t need and have maximum flexibility with minimum commitment.

The prices are stable and designed to be as transparent as possible. This means that you won’t find any non-transparent promotions at Digital Republic. You will also not find any discounts for new customers. Instead, we focus on a uniform offer and consistently pass on price reductions to all our existing customers.

Of course, without minimum contract term, cancellation period or hidden costs.

Anything else would be intransparent and unfair.

Flexibility as a Service

Admittedly, “customer portal” usually sounds anything but exciting. But that’s only because most customer portals only offer you the most basic features: View bills, view purchased rates, and that’s it.

Digital Republic sees your customer portal as a tool for self-management of your SIM cards and eSIMs, and as a means of providing the greatest possible flexibility for you as customers. That’s why the Digital Republic Customer Portal is more than it seems at first glance.

You can manage your rates individually, pause them monthly, upgrade or downgrade the speed, perform a SIM reset, book new rates and order SIM cards or book roaming packages.

The customer portal is your personal cockpit for all your networked devices and allows you a free self-administration that almost no other provider offers!

The Icing on the Cake – Our No-Obligation Trial Month

We understand that you don’t want to buy a pig in a poke, and you definitely don’t want to slip from one sticky contract to the next. Because there’s one pitfall after another in the mobile market, we’re giving all new customers their first 30 days free of charge.

Of course, you remain completely unbound. You can simply order a SIM card to your home and do not even need to deposit a means of payment.

You can then simply use your new SIM for 30 days and test in detail whether Digital Republic is right for you. If you are satisfied, you can either order a new SIM card and have your phone number ported, or you can deposit a means of payment in the customer portal, activate automatic renewal and continue surfing right where you left off. As easy as Netflix!

Try it out right now!

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