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Despite a growing demand for eSIM and the vision to offer a completely digital service, Digital Republic operates a small but fine logistics center. Physical SIM cards still have to be programmed by someone and shipped to you. Our chaos manager Dorothea manages to keep an overview despite growing order volumes and numerous special deliveries and ensures a shipping process that is second to none. Again and again we receive feedback from our customers, praising the smooth and fast shipping of our SIM cards. Time to lift the curtain a bit and bring you closer to the discreet power behind our logistics.

Mostly Unseen, but Always Highly Appreciated!

Most of you will not have heard much about Dorothea. You order a SIM card online and almost always have it in your mailbox the next day. The fact that the cards are hand-programmed, packaged, double-checked and personally posted at the post office is a vanishingly discreet process. Nevertheless, it always echoes back appreciatively from the clientele:

«Only positive experience throughout. Ordered, received, installed and activated the SIM within 24 hours

S. E.

«Great company! The ordered SIM cards were in my letterbox the very next day and the connection was done in no time.»

A. J.

«So good that I also have to write a 5-star review straight away! I ordered the SIM card a day before in the evening (around 6pm?) and it arrived the very next day (or now as I write this). How they managed to do that is a mystery to me.» 

M. R.

Even if it resembles a mystery for some, this mystery is quickly solved. In our small but fine warehouse works a competent and extremely motivated person, who effortlessly equals the verve of our often mentioned support team.

Dorothea in front of a green background
The face behind our fast delivery times! – Our Chaos Manager Dorothea

A little over a year ago, Dorothea took over logistics from her predecessor and independently expanded and refined the necessary processes so that shipping runs as smoothly as possible and our customers are online as quickly as possible. In a completely digital company, running a physical shipping operation that offers corresponding speed and reliability is not easy. We are all the more pleased to have Dorothea on our team.

And What Does the Manager Say?

Everyday life in the shipping department can sometimes get very hectic. Nevertheless, even in such moments, the customers are the center of attention and anyone who asks Dorothea for an interesting anecdote notices this immediately.

«A customer once asked if I could wrap the SIM card in Christmas paper. I thought that was very funny and immediately got some wrapping paper from home and wrapped the SIM card.»


Of course, we can’t offer a nationwide gift-wrapping service for SIM cards, but we still respect the willingness to go the extra mile for customers. When asked what Dorothea values most about her work, she is modest:

«I’m happy to be able to work in such a young team. The team members are all easy-going people and the hierarchies are very flat. I didn’t know that before. Every now and then I also get a visits from the supporters, who have a coffee with me or help me carry up deliveries.»


Wrap It, Stamp It, Done? – Not With Dorothea!

What is immediately noticeable when you ask Dorothea about her processes is that they all aim to provide the best possible service. Orders come in with incorrect addresses? Dorothea writes to the customers personally and makes sure that the SIM cards arrive at the right place. It is already after 16:00 and the local post office does not accept any more packages? Dorothea drives directly to the next post office so that even late orders arrive as quickly as possible.

«I am in regular communication with the support team so that customer requests can be fulfilled as efficiently and quickly as possible. This is only possible because the lines of communication are short and the team is so collaborative.»


Just like our support heroes, Dorothea is directly involved in the design of Digital Republic. In order for us to continuously improve, we are directly guided by feedback from our clientele and, of course, by feedback from the people who actively contribute to Digital Republic’s success every day.

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