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State of the Art Alarm Management Meets Data SIM Cards

No matter what industry you work in: In an emergency, things have to happen quickly. Whether a patient in a hospital bed has a medical emergency or the forester slips down a slope, a quick and targeted alert is crucial. To ensure that everything runs smoothly in an emergency, AudioText Telecom AG from Glattbrugg has developed various software solutions. In doing so, the innovative company integrates all common alarm systems into a complete solution that can be operated intuitively, on site or in the cloud. And thanks to data SIM cards from Digital Republic, now also completely independent of existing infrastructure!


On Site - When Many Channels Converge

There are various industries or buildings that combine a large amount of alarm systems. However, one of the highest densities can be found in the healthcare sector. A hospital has extensive security systems for object and personal protection. In order not to lose the overview between fire alarm system, building management system, room emergency call and medical monitoring, a structured alarm management is crucial.

The core product of ATT AG is a local alarm management server called AMX. Alarm messages from various interfaces such as fire alarm systems, emergency call buttons or potential-free contacts converge on the server and are sent as output to the right place. 

The big advantage: Thanks to the central communication interface, automated and targeted alarms can be issued even with many different alarm systems. This saves valuable time in the event of an incident and limits or prevents possible damage.


ATT AG CEO Abdullah Toprak vor einem Screen mit dem AMX Alarm Schema
For ATT AG CEO Abdullah Toprak, one thing is clear: good alarm management must be able to be integrated into as many existing systems as possible.

The AMX solution also comes with an optional LTE modem and data SIM card from Digital Republic. With an independent connection via the mobile network, seamless communication is still guaranteed even if the local Internet connection fails.


"Our AMX is a communication interface. Whenever multiple alarm systems need to be managed together, AMX lends itself. We support a wide variety of inputs, be it fire alarm systems, patient call systems or building control systems."

Abdullah Toprak, CEO, ATT AG


On the Go - When the Smartphone Becomes Insurance

Not all workers can count on the extended security systems in a building on a day-to-day basis. People working alone, especially in remote locations, need special protection. 

Those who work in a corresponding profession know the common solutions such as the Felsenmeer mobile personal emergency signal device. The mobile emergency button can be used to make emergency calls and locate people working alone. Data SIM cards from Digital Republic are also used here.


iPhone mit der ATT Alarm App

But the whole thing gets even smarter! Thanks to a corresponding app, which ATT AG has developed and fully integrated into all its solutions, any common smartphone can also be used as an emergency signal device. All sensors offered by the end device are used.

If a working person falls to the ground, for example, the smartphone's gyroscope registers the change in position and sends a position alarm to the defined location. The acceleration sensor detects falls from great heights or even a traffic accident, and particularly endangered persons can also use the app as a dead man's switch. In this case, a sign of life must be given at regular intervals. If this does not happen, an emergency call is automatically triggered.


"Through our products, we can show what is possible in terms of alarming with software. For example, if employees to be protected have a smartphone, they already have everything they need for lone worker protection with our app and cloud solution: phone, emergency button, fall detector or even dead man's switch."

Abdullah Toprak, CEO, ATT AG


Thanks to an in-house cloud solution , ATT AG's alarm management also works without an on-site server. Perfect for companies looking for a lean alarm solution or SMEs.


Data SIM Cards as a Secure Connectivity Solution

The broad portfolio of services and solutions offered by ATT AG requires independent and secure connectivity. This can either be provided by the customers themselves or also obtained from ATT AG. 

Anyone who offers software solutions in the security sector to such a high standard naturally does not want to compromise on connectivity. That is why a connection via the mobile network is particularly suitable in many cases.

Whether emergency call devices such as the Felsenmeer button, a portable patient call or the AMX server itself are to be networked: 5G or LTE offer an individual and secure connection independent of the local building infrastructure. Stand alone or configured as failover, mobile internet delivers flexible and reliable communication paths between people, buildings and alarm systems.

Digital Republic's data SIM cards were particularly suitable for ATT AG, as the Customer Portal enables complete self-administration of all SIM cards and these can also be paused or reordered at the touch of a button if required.


"We were particularly impressed by Digital Republic's very fast ordering process and good cockpit. Since we only need a data connection without voice, Digital Republic's rates are a great fit for our products."

Abdullah Toprak, CEO, ATT AG


The flexibility and reliability of ATT AG's solutions have been inspiring numerous businesses since 1995. With Digital Republic's data SIM cards and the cutting-edge smartphone app, ATT AG is securing this enthusiasm for the future as well. 

How is alarming regulated in your company? Could you also benefit from the solutions presented? If you are interested, you can contact ATT AG directly for a consultation here . 

Are you still looking for a mobile connectivity solution for your business or your employees' smartphones? With our this calculator for business customers you can directly and transparently calculate the expected costs. For an individual consultation you will find a contact form right here .

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