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Palpitations, dizziness, fainting spells and nausea. What sounds like falling in love at first glance means anything but cloud nine for those affected by cardiac arrhythmias. If cardiac arrhythmias are suspected, it is essential to examine the heartbeat. Anandic Medical Systems meets this need with the help of the latest technology. The medical technology company uses mobile ECG devices for arrhythmia patients to monitor and record the heart rhythm and ultimately make a diagnosis. Whereas this was previously done on a stationary basis, mobile connectivity allows this data to be recorded continuously and in the course of normal everyday life. For connectivity in the mobile ECG devices, Anandic Medical Systems relies on Digital Republic.

The ECG at Home Thanks to Mobile Connectivity

Various diseases can be detected by a cardiac arrhythmia. For this reason, an electrocardiogram (ECG) is often ordered for the patients concerned in order to detect a possible cardiac arrhythmia and to treat it accordingly. The ECG is a central element in medicine, which is constantly being developed further. Only a few years ago, patients had to lie in hospital and be wired to an oversized sensor with various wires (leads) for ECG diagnostics. Today's sensors are smaller, lighter and therefore much more comfortable to wear, allowing patients to integrate an ECG into their normal daily lives.

Frontalansicht PocketECG von Anandic Medical Systems

PocketECG equipped with mobile connectivity thanks to SIM cards from Digital Republic

This is exactly what the innovative Anandic Medical Systems ensures. The leading medtech company uses so-called Pocket ECGs from MEDICALgorithmics. The devices, which are used to diagnose cardiac arrhythmias, continuously record the patient's heart rhythm and transmit the signals via the mobile phone network. The data is then compiled on a Swiss server using artificial intelligence into an automated report that can be viewed remotely by the attending physician at any time.

Reliable Data Transmission Is Key

Thanks to SIM cards from Digital Republic in Anandic Medical Systems' pocket ECGs, the devices receive a cellular connection that continuously transmits the recorded data for review and analysis. Medical Anandic Systems' requirements for its desired mobile connectivity partner were clear: "Since our systems are ECG recorders that the patient carries with them, network coverage and reliable data transmission had to be available at all times," says Oliver Equey, Sales / Product Manager Cardiology at Anandic Medical Systems. Thanks to the 30-day free trial, it was easy for Anandic Medical Systems to test this. It was quickly confirmed that the product met the expectations for network coverage and data transmission.

"The Digital Republic solution achieved these requirements without any problems."

Oliver Equey, Sales / Product Manager Cardiology at Anandic Medical Systems

Not only is reliability expected in the system, but also in service. In the event of a problem, Anandic is happy to have a personal contact person who can help them.

Simple and Flexible Sim Card Management on Top

With a large number of ECG devices in operation, it was particularly important for the medtech company to be able to manage the SIM cards easily. Simple management means starting with just a few SIM cards and continuously ordering new ones at the push of a button. And more importantly, pausing SIM cards at any time when they are not in use. This was central to keeping costs down. Oliver Equey of Medical Anandic Systems admits: "This was the only way for our new product to get off to a successful start. Too high initial costs for a mobile data connection would have made our project impossible."

Even beyond Pocket ECGs, SIM cards from Digital Republic can add value to the medical device sector. Thanks to the SIM cards' easy scalability and management, the number of SIM cards can be quickly changed, paused with one click, and reactivated when devices are not in use.

"We are pleased to have found a partner who will continue to support us flexibly, quickly and reliably with future solutions," says Oliver Equey. This makes the heart leap - and a deliberate one at that - when customers are satisfied with the product.

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