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Google Is Also Moving Forward With eSIM Transfer!

Even though it is already possible to transfer an eSIM to a new smartphone in a roundabout way, a necessary standard for direct transfer has been missing until now. This standard was recently created as part of a cooperation between Telekom, Google and the GSMA. The iPhone has already supported direct eSIM transfer with selected providers for some time. With the new standard, Android devices will now follow suit and the eSIM will become even more flexible.

Another Milestone on the eSIM Road

According to Deutsche Telekom, the number of eSIM users is growing rapidly. In Switzerland, too, the chip is becoming increasingly popular and is already being used extensively. Telecom expert Ralf Beyeler spoke about the eSIM in Switzerland in an exclusive interview last year.

Despite this popularity, Android users in particular have so far lacked the option of a direct eSIM transfer from one device to another. The only option for this: The route via the provider. Besides the sheer effort involved, this also meant that some providers charged expensive fees for the transfer, the eSIM had to be picked up in a physical store, or the necessary QR code was sent by mail.

“It makes me wonder what the product managers were smoking when they developed these processes, that they’re selling a completely digital product in physical stores instead of over the Internet.”

Ralf Beyeler, Telecom Expert Moneyland

Fortunately, at Digital Republic, this path is relatively simple. We have studied the possibilities of the eSIM in detail and always strive to offer the simplest and most customer-friendly eSIM solution in Switzerland. You can therefore manage your eSIMs yourself via your customer portal and also have direct access to the QR code at any time. This works very simply already today, whether with an iPhone or an Android device.

Mobile phone with eSIM activation in the Digital Republic customer portal

When it comes to eSIM transfers or eSIM fast transfers, as an MVNO we are unfortunately dependent on the network operators and cannot offer any solutions on our own, which is why we are all the more pleased with the news from Germany!

The process, which Telekom developed in collaboration with Google and the GSMA, allows transferable eSIMs, entirely without interaction with the provider. Deutsche Telekom is the first mobile provider worldwide to use the new eSIM standard. If all goes well, however, it should only be a matter of time before Android eSIM transfers become standard in this country as well.

The Pixel 7 Becomes the Android eSIM Flagship

The cooperation between Telekom and GSMA with Google’s Android team should prove to be a stroke of luck, especially for owners of a Pixel 7 smartphone. The Pixel 7 is supposed to be the first device that can use this new procedure.

According to Telekom, the transfer procedure, which is not defined in detail, allows secure, reliable and seamless transfer of an eSIM from one smartphone to another in accordance with the GSMA TS.43 standard for the first time. All that is required is that the devices be close to each other.

After the feature will be available for Telekom customers with a Pixel 7 soon this year, the new eSIM transfer feature should also be available on the Android platform later. Then, at the latest, the other manufacturers will follow suit and the eSIM transfer will become the child’s play that it should actually already be.

Digital Republic Loves the eSIM

Those who have been deterred by the missing transfer function will probably have to revisit the books soon with this news.

Digital Republic is already making it as easy as possible for you to use the eSIM. Thanks to a state-of-the-art customer portal and a completely digitalized onboarding process, you can be registered and load the eSIM onto your device in no time at all.

The eSIM offers several advantages over the classic plastic SIM card. In this article, you will learn what these are and how you can benefit from them. To summarize briefly here as well: The eSIM is more sustainable, more flexible and can save you a lot in roaming costs!

We will stay tuned!

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