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Internet and Electricity? - Green and Autonomous!

Many projects start with creating the necessary infrastructure. Be it for a construction site, an outdoor event, a Tinyhouse or a youth camp, those who want to implement such projects depend on a reliable power supply. With the mobile solar power system "Suno_mobile power", Valoya GmbH has developed a product that not only provides a completely emission-free power supply in a compact and mobile format, but also, as a mobile hotspot, provides a wireless Internet connection. Connectivity is via the mobile network, with SIM cards from Digital Republic.


Even Without Connection Electricity and Internet - It’s Possible!

The Valoya GmbH specializes in the manufacture, rental and sale of mobile solar power systems. The Winterthur-based company thus enables the emission-free energy supply of a wide variety of projects from the construction and event industry. With the mobile solar generator «Suno_mobile power» a modern complete solution for the decentralized supply of electricity and internet was created, which inspires more and more customers. Especially on construction sites, where no lines have been laid yet, there is a demand for efficient and fast solutions. The module, which is the size of a Euro pallet, is ready for use in just a few minutes and supplies numerous devices with standard household 230V single-phase alternating current. Without any installation or operating costs. The powerful solar system allows quiet operation and, thanks to the integrated battery, a reliable power supply for the connected devices even at night.

Valoya owner Thomas Würms sees the benefit for the construction industry confirmed by numerous inquiries: "Especially during the Corona measures, we had many inquiries from construction sites. This has somewhat compensated for the declining demand from the event sector. The feedback was positive throughout."

Suno Solargenerator auf Bürocontainer auf einer Baustelle.
The "Suno_mobile power" solar generator mounted on an office container

Because an Internet connection is often the next need after electricity, the device provides it right away. Thanks to an integrated LTE router and a SIM card from Digital Republic, a secure and wireless Internet connection is available immediately after commissioning the solar generator. Since there is also an increasing need for connectivity on construction sites, the LTE connection rounds off the offer appropriately.

"All our rental equipment is equipped with SIM cards from Digital Republic. This is how we provide Internet for the modern, digitized construction site."

- Thomas Würms, Valoya

Of course, the LTE connection must also be able to carry the required workload. With our Flat2000 tariff, an office with 20 workstations can be operated without any problems and without any cables. Together with the solar generator with up to 3kW continuous power and 6kW peak power, the complete infrastructure is ready after a few simple steps.


Clean, Flexible and Simple - This Is How Infrastructure Works!

As a mobile Internet provider, we at Digital Republic focus on products that effortlessly adapt to the needs of our clientele: Free, Fair and Progressive. What we offer for device connectivity with our SIM cards and data tariffs, Valoya offers for the technical infrastructure of projects. That's why our SIM cards fit so well inside the "Suno_mobile power" module.

The connection speed of the Internet connection can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the application area thanks to our cockpit by Valoya. This enables an optimal match of connectivity and energy consumption, and the flexibility to respond to last-minute changes in plans and ensure smooth remote maintenance. All important requirements for a provider to deliver stable and flexible connectivity.

"Thanks to the super-simple adaptation via Cockpit, we can also deliver our rental equipment for short-term rental assignments with the Internet offer that suits the customer. In particular, the user-friendly web portal allows us to respond to customer requests even at very short notice."

- Thomas Würms, Valoya

Especially on construction sites and in event management, flexible solutions are highly valued and uncomplicated setup and high reliability are required. Valoya delivers both, completely emission-free and networked via the mobile network. This combination of solar energy and cellular allows an autonomy that was hardly possible before. The advantages can easily be transferred to scenarios beyond the construction site. Wherever a self-sufficient energy supply and a fast Internet connection are required, "Suno_mobile power" can be used, whether at an outdoor event or next to the mobile Tinyhouse in the mountains.

Sonnendurchflutete Talwiese mit Bergen im Hintergrund.
Great location but unfortunately neither electricity nor internet? With "Suno_mobile power" the problem is solved within minutes.

Smart Power Relies on Smart Connectivity

We love good ideas and we love mobility. That's why we're all the more pleased when an innovative company like Valoya relies on our services as an Internet provider. In addition to "Suno_mobile power", Valoya offers numerous other products , from the solar toolbox that charges electric tools overnight to the fully equipped office container with printer, coffee machine, and everything in between. We're excited to see where Valoya and Digital Republic are headed. In any case, the direction seems to be right, because the demand for emission-free energy supply is increasing from year to year. Solar energy in a mobile format, usable in many different areas. That's smart. And smartly networked with a SIM card from Digital Republic! A powerful combination that is still unique on the market.

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