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Smart E-charging Stations Are What Switzerland Needs

The gas pumps at gas stations will probably be around for a while yet. However, the electric charging stations in the garages of single-family homes and housing estates are becoming more and more common. It will not take long until electric connections at gas stations will outstrip gas pumps. This is clearly due to the demand for electric cars, which accounted for almost 30% of all newly registered passenger cars in Switzerland in Q4 2021. Almost every third car sold between October and December 2021 is equipped with a power connection, i.e. a plug, and can therefore be charged at an e-charging station.

It is already being predicted that by 2025, every second car sold will have a power plug. The e-charging infrastructure in Switzerland will have to follow this electric boom in the next few years.

Smart E-charging Stations Are Engineered to Provide More

While the gas pumps for gasoline and diesel could just fill the car to the top and charge a price, the e-charging station in comparison offer a wide range of opportunities for charging and handling electricity. A smart charging station for electric cars provides several advantages, among others: Integration der E-Ladestation in ein Smart Home System

      • Integration of the e-charging station into a smart home system
      • Live tracking of the charging process, evaluation of data and verification of device status
      • Immediate billing of the charging process for a company car or a neighbor
      • Integration of the e-charging station into a public network and billing
      • Optimization of personal consumption of a photovoltaic system and charging of the solar power generated
      • Dynamic load management to allow multiple charging stations at the same location to be used efficiently with the same power output
      • Smart charging and thus linking the battery of the electric car to the public grid

On the one hand, smart e-charging stations can be integrated into the existing network seamlessly. On the other hand, they can be controlled, tracked and inspected from anywhere using a smartphone. At the same time, several users can use the same e-charging station, as well as identify and bill them individually.

Charging Stations Become Smart Thanks to Mobile Connectivity

Our customer NeoVac makes mobility future-proof and offers scalable charging infrastructures with integrated dynamic load management and consumption-based billing for apartment buildings and areas in the semi-public sector. NeoVac offers solutions that protect the grid and ensure fast and reliable charging. The "NeoVac E-Mobility" infrastructure can be scaled as required. If it needs to be expanded at a later date, this is done modularly and without expensive extensions. Thus, it is possible to start with one or two charging stations in a property - and at a later point in time, the infrastructure can be further expanded as needed at low cost.

It is exactly this scalability that led NeoVac to Digital Republic. Pascal Welti, Head of Energy Consulting at NeoVac:

"The capacity of e-charging stations in Switzerland needs to be constantly expanded. Accordingly, flexibility and scalability are crucial. This is what we also need to offer in our service to our customers. Together with Digital Republic, which approaches mobile connectivity in the same way - to ensure maximum flexibility and scalability - we have found the perfect partner."

Smartphone vor E-Ladestation mit geöffneter Neovac App

The NeoVac charging stations also include integrated dynamic load management, which optimizes the use of the existing capacity of the electrical installation and automatically prevents the infrastructure from being congested.

"A constant cellular connection is essential to ensure load management at all times"

Pascal Welti

NeoVac works with Digital Republic's SIM cards for this purpose, as they can be equipped with simple data flats and managed independently in the customer portal. This allows NeoVac to guarantee its customers the operation of the e-charging stations from a single source.

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