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Roaming Insider Tip: 24 GB Whenever You Need It

The Flat Mobile annual package makes it possible!

A few weeks ago, we introduced our Flat Mobile subscription for CHF 18 per month – unlimited in Switzerland and 2 GB per month in the EU and the USA. This offer has already been very well received. With the summer vacations approaching, many users are now concerned about roaming costs. The comparison portals are picking up on this and roaming is once again becoming a topic in media coverage. The good thing: Digital Republic is very good value for money. The even better thing: We have a little insider tip for heavy users who don’t regularly travel abroad!

Roaming Rates Compared

The summer vacations are just around the corner. The anticipation is growing. As every year, the media report on roaming traps and confirm Digital Republic as a transparent and fair mobile provider – also when it comes to roaming.

On June 3, 2024, it was reported that travelers should take a close look at roaming tariffs:

“Those interested in pure data packages without calls are best off with Galaxus Mobile, Digital Republic or Teleboy, according to For around CHF 10, consumers receive 1 gigabyte for a whole year. If you need more, Digital Republic is the best choice. At 50 francs for 10 gigabytes, the costs of this provider are significantly lower than those of its competitors, according to»

CE today

Or on June 5, 2024, calling abroad could become expensive:

“If you need 3 gigabytes or 10 gigabytes, Digital Republic is the cheapest option: the costs are 20 and 50 francs respectively and are therefore significantly lower than those of the competitors. The second cheapest provider is significantly more expensive at 45% and just under 20% respectively.”


Or on June 1, 2024 in the Tagesanzeiger: This is how much you pay for cell phone use abroad

‘Mobile phone subscription with included roaming rarely the right choice’

The basic recommendation for roaming from the comparison service is as follows:

Many customers have a cell phone subscription with included roaming. This is usually too expensive a solution for Swiss nationals who rarely travel abroad. Holidaymakers often save money if they use a cell phone subscription with little or no included roaming and then book cheaper packages for use abroad.

For customers who don’t want to buy the appropriate packages before every vacation trip, a cell phone subscription with plenty of included data roaming can be convenient, especially for use in Europe. However, with costs starting at around 70 francs per month at the normal price, it is an expensive solution. If necessary, a corresponding subscription with inclusive roaming can be purchased at a promotional price. Corresponding offers are already available for less than 30 francs a month.

Ralf Beyeler,

Our Insider Tip: Flat Mobile Annual Package – The Best of Both Worlds

With 2 GB of roaming per month, Flat Mobile is an attractive offer for CHF 18. However, the vast majority of us hardly ever travel abroad every month; instead, we go on vacation once or twice a year and are then dependent on roaming. A fact that we naturally also want to do justice to with our new mobile subscription!

We therefore offer Flat Mobile not only as a monthly package but also as an annual package. This gives you 24 GB of data volume in one go. Valid for a whole year. Not the usual 2 GB per month, which often expire unused, but 24 GB that can be used flexibly – whether for a big city trip or several stays abroad. The data volume is activated immediately after activation and only expires after 365 days.

You decide when you need the 24 GB data volume. And if you use up your roaming package, you can still benefit from ‘the cheapest data packages in Switzerland’.

Have a good trip!

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