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Intelligent Mobility Monitoring for the Patient Room

The Digital Assistant for Caregivers

Those who are dependent on care have to put up with a lot and often have to give up a large part of their personal privacy. The elderly in particular are visited and examined very regularly in their rooms for the purpose of preventing falls or pressure sores. What is a great effort for the caregivers, often also means stress and a lack of privacy for the person in need of care. This is where the solution from eHealth company QUMEA, the market leader in intelligent mobility monitoring in the patient’s room, comes in. Thanks to IoT connectivity and smart radar technology, the monitoring works without a tracker on the patient, while protecting their privacy as no images or videos are recorded.

Radar Instead of Camera – For More Privacy

The sensors of QUMEA work with radar technology. In contrast to a solution using a camera, this allows even the smallest movements to be detected, even in darkness, sunlight or light reflections. The recorded movements allow conclusions to be drawn about the patient’s state of health and, of course, their posture and position.

«Our digital assistance systems tell caregivers how their patients are doing and when they need help. Automatically and even when the caregivers are not with the patients. This increases care safety, relieves the burden on caregivers and enables effective prevention, e.g. of falls

David Meier, COO, QUMEA AG
The eHealth Monitoring Sensor from QUMEA
The QUMEA sensor is robust and can be placed discreetly.

From an increased breathing rate to an unsafe attempt to stand up, the AI-supported radar sensor recognizes various behavior and movement patterns thanks to up to 100 million movement points. This allows caregivers to be in the right place at the right time and saves unnecessary visits.

Stable and Secure Connectivity Thanks to 5G

Hospitals and care facilities are equipped differently in terms of connectivity. Accordingly, not all facilities can provide the same infrastructure for external partners like QUMEA. To ensure that the implementation can proceed with great reliability and security everywhere, QUMEA relies on IoT data SIM cards from Digital Republic.

«For test installations at our customers’ sites, in many cases the WLAN was either not available, difficult to access or too unstable. This delayed the installations and made them costly

David Meier, COO, QUMEA AG

The connectivity via cellular allows a location-independent realization and an individual secured connection for each installed sensor. The data is transmitted in encrypted form and evaluated by artificial intelligence, so that the patient’s data protection is guaranteed at all times. The caregivers benefit from increased security through a good overview and timely information if help is needed. This also frees up additional resources for nursing care. Patients benefit from better prevention and increased privacy during their hospital stay.

QUMEA eHealth Sensor next to smartphone with monitoring app open
Thanks to the associated app, nurses always have an overview of the patient’s condition.

The cooperation with Digital Republic also has special advantages for QUMEA and the flexible implementation of its sensors:

«With Digital Republic, there is no fixed contract period, and we can activate and deactivate SIM cards very easily and quickly on the cockpit. This fits our use case perfectly.»

David Meier, COO, QUMEA AG

Because Healthcare Deserves Smart Solutions!

QUMEA offers a brand new solution for nursing support and prevention in the hospital room. Increasingly challenged caregivers depend on eHealth solutions like these to maintain high standards in the future.

Connectivity and the IoT are also becoming a key component here to connect caregivers with the capabilities of sensors and AI. Communication between the nursing station and the patient’s room will be automated in a way that ultimately benefits everyone involved. This is what eHealth should look like!

Digital Republic specializes in IoT applications, such as QUMEA’s sensors. A flexible tariff model allows the cost-efficient connection of a wide range of devices, even with low bandwidth. Digital Republic users have full control over all active SIM cards at all times via an expanded customer portal and can activate, pause or reorder them themselves. The data volume of all rates is unlimited, which is why the costs always remain constant and manageable.

More about possible use cases and the contact for a personal consultation at Digital Republic can be found here.

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