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Internet and TV – Where Separation Pays Off!

Numerous Internet providers are focusing on combined offers with fixed-network and TV subscriptions. It’s nothing new that the fixed-network phone line is already obsolete in many households. However, when it comes to TV subscriptions, separate providers can offer a great deal of flexibility and also save costs, because a TV service is often financed in addition to the high-speed Internet subscription. If you don’t need this TV service, you pay too much; if you do, you usually get off cheaper externally. The Internet makes it possible, and the SIM cards from Digital Republic make it as easy as Netflix.

Make Your Own Combo!

The online comparison service Moneyland regularly compares offers on the telecoms market. The providers’ combo offers often perform worse than separate purchases. The experts at Moneyland therefore advise consumers to clarify their own needs precisely and only use combo offers that really meet their requirements.

«Swiss telecom providers also offer combination deals, for example with TV and fixed network. However, such combination deals often cost you more than if you were to buy the desired products individually

Ralf Beyeler,

With free and flexible offers, anyone and everyone can also simply put together the combo themselves. Signing up for online services has never been easier, and the contract terms are free and flexible.

We have therefore put together a trial Internet+TV combo for you. We keep in mind: According to Comparis, combo offers for 50 Mbit/s Internet and TV start at 53 francs per month (as of 14.11.22).

Flat 50 and TeleboyTV (34.90 per Month)

The TV streaming service Teleboy recommends an Internet bandwidth of between 5 and 10 Mbps. Our Flat 50 rate fits these requirements like a glove if you want to work on the side or stream in Full HD from time to time. This gives you your home Internet connection and an extended TV offer at a bargain price:

Digital Republic Flat 50 (20.- per month)

  • Unlimited 5G data volume in Switzerland
  • 50 Mbit/s downstream / 25 Mbit/s upstream
  • Can be cancelled monthly

TeleboyTV (14.90 pro Monat)

  • Over 300 TV channels (many of them in FullHD)
  • 7 days replay and live pause
  • 2400 hours of recording
  • Unlimited streaming on Smart TVs
  • Can be cancelled monthly
TV and other devices with the TeleboyTV interface
A full range of services on all your devices? That’s possible without a cable provider!

With Separate Services You Are Also Freer!

If you don’t need a TV subscription, you shouldn’t have to pay for one, and if you don’t need 10 Gbit/s, you shouldn’t have to pay for that speed. You can find out which speed you really need for which application here.

Most TV streaming services can be easily cancelled on a monthly basis, just like Digital Republic’s rates. You have neither a minimum contract term nor a cancellation period, but simply pay for as long as you effectively need the service.

When it comes to the Internet, you benefit from the flexible contract modalities and location-independence of cellular and can select and continuously adjust the speed you need yourself. At the same time, you don’t have to make any sacrifices when it comes to TV, because the functions of the streaming providers usually offer the same scope as those of the traditional TV providers.

To benefit from 5G Internet at home, you only need a SIM card and a 5G router. You can find a selection of such devices in our 5G router test or in our router bundles. You can find out more about why 5G is also suitable for Internet access at home here.

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