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Digital Republic With Double Victory in Bilanz Telekom Rating

Press Release

Digital Republic wins gold twice in the largest Swiss telecom rating. The innovative mobile communications provider receives the best ratings in the ultimate discipline of mobile communications not only from private customers, but also from business customers. For both customer groups, Digital Republic plays in a different league in terms of price and customer support.

Zurich, August 24, 2023 – The Swiss business magazine Bilanz conducted its nationwide telecom rating for the 24th time. The rating is carried out directly by the providers’ customers with a focus on quality, innovation, price, flexibility and support of the offering. In only its second participation, Digital Republic made the leap from second to first place in the mobile communications category among private customers. Among business customers, Digital Republic achieved first place from a standing start.

A Double Victory With Fair Prices and Personal Customer Service

Digital Republic receives top ratings from its customers in every respect. Digital Republic’s fair prices in particular are rated especially highly by both private and business customers. No activation fees, no hidden costs, no minimum contract terms and no cancellation periods are the core elements of Digital Republic’s fair mobile subscription. Ali Soy, Co-Founder of Digital Republic: “Swiss telco customers are saying goodbye to promotional offers with pitfalls and are looking for fair subscriptions with a high degree of flexibility.”

Digital Republic knows neither waiting on hold nor paid hotline. Personal customer service has the highest priority. At Digital Republic, customer service representatives pick up the phone, return calls promptly, and answer every email personally. This leads to top ratings with private customers and especially with business customers. Marco Arnold, Co-Founder Digital Republic: “With our highly flexible subscriptions, we can’t help but invest in the best customer service in Switzerland.”

“We are proud to lead the Swiss telecom market in terms of customer satisfaction with Digital Republic and we guarantee our customers the best service at fair prices in the future as well”, say Ali Soy and Marco Arnold.

Read the Bilanz Telekom rating here.

The founders of Digital Republic with the double victory in the BILANZ Telekom Rating

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