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Digital Republic Voice: That’s How It Works

Now you can also make phone calls and send text messages with Digital Republic - unlimited to all Swiss networks. If you simply cannot do without the classic phone call, the Voice Option is the perfect addition to your data subscription. 

This is what you need to know to activate and use the Voice Option:

With the Voice Option you can make unlimited calls and send SMS to all Swiss networks. For CHF 10 for 30 days or CHF 110 for 365 days.

Order a new data SIM card with the desired speed on our website . Once you have received the SIM card, you can select the Voice Option when activating it in the Customer Portal If you already have a SIM card, you can activate the Voice Option on this existing SIM card in the Customer Portal . In order to use the Voice Option, at least one data subscription must be active.

Yes, you can take your current number with you. Please note that this is only possible with a new SIM card. You can learn more about how the number porting works here.

No. Just like our data subscription, you can pause, cancel or reactivate Voice every 30 days in your customer account.

Yes, with the Voice Option you can make calls to and in foreign countries. All you have to do is activate roaming and international calls in the Voice settings of the Customer Portal .

Yes, you can test the Voice Option free of charge for 30 days. Order a new data SIM card, activate Voice in the Customer Portal and start your free trial month.

Still have questions?

Contact us to clarify your questions. We are happy to help you!

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