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The Simplest eSIM in Switzerland – With Digital Republic

Press Release

Zurich, September 19, 2023 – The eSIM is on the rise and is already the first choice for many mobile customers. In the future, the eSIM will completely replace the physical SIM card. But although the eSIM has already been integrated as a standard feature in many smartphones and smartwatches for several years, its activation and, in particular, the switch from the physical SIM card to the eSIM is still very cumbersome with many mobile providers. Not so with Digital Republic.

Digital Republic started using the eSIM three years ago and has continuously developed the eSIM experience for its customers. Now it is possible to test Digital Republic’s eSIM free of charge for 30 days and activate it yourself in less than 5 minutes. The campaign demonstrates in a simple but creative way the easy eSIM usage and activation with Digital Republic. Lukas Wanner, Studio Wanner, says: “We chose the well-known ‘on/off toggle’ of smartphones as a minimalist subject. With this, we equate eSIM usage to simply turning WIFI, Bluetooth or flight mode on and off.” In the same move, the association between the eSIM and the smartphone is achieved.

Dimitri Salzgeber, CMO at Digital Republic: “The eSIM has come to stay. With our current campaign, we are demonstrating how easy it is to use, activate or switch to the eSIM with Digital Republic.” Digital Republic’s eSIM campaign will be seen and heard on digital and analog channels from mid-September to mid-October in Zurich, Bern, Basel, Lausanne and Geneva.

Responsible at Digital Republic: Dimitri Salzgeber (CMO), Aileen Marbacher (Marketing Manager), responsible at Studio Wanner: Lukas Wanner (Creative Director), Stefan Cecere (Lead Designer)

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