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The Iot Lets Machines Talk to Each Other

What Do They Talk About?

In connection with the Internet of Things (IoT), there is always talk of machine-to-machine communication (M2M). Yet it is far from clear to everyone how all this works. According to a global survey by Salesforce, which looks at customer loyalty in the mobile industry, around 75% of users are unaware of the benefits of real-time control of IoT devices via the 5G network. This is reason enough to talk about the topic of IoT once again and to clarify what networked machines use to communicate with each other and what economic benefits this communication brings. 

From Smart Farming to Motion Analysis, the Iot Is Harnessing Data.

Digital Republic already provides numerous companies with the connectivity they need to implement their IoT solutions. This practically always involves some form of M2M communication. The benefits can be seen in data collection and evaluation, which makes it possible to optimize processes or offer completely new services. In any case, added value for all involved. We have found three examples for you that illustrate the potential of M2M communication:

Smart Farming With GVS Agrar

In agriculture, strong management skills are required. Experience has to be gathered, unforeseen weather changes have to be reacted to, and the farmed area has to be used efficiently and with foresight. In the case of smart farming, M2M communication is manifested in the wireless transmission of order and analysis data from the farming machines (tractors, drones, sowing machines, etc.) to a central computer in the farm office. By means of appropriate software, the collected data can be evaluated and the further cultivation of the farmland can be planned. In the process, empirical values are stored and taken into account in the same way as short-term climate changes or soil conditions, for example after a long drought.

By collecting data and analyzing it, the efficiency of a farm’s processes can be greatly improved, which not only saves costs, but also makes work in the field easier and yields or investments easier to plan. More about the cooperation between GVS Agrar and Digital Republic can be found here.

Intelligent Charging Infrastructure With NeoVac

Plug in, charge, ready? There’s more! – thanks to NeoVac! M2M communication between charging stations, vehicles and the power grid can do more than just charge electric vehicles. Via a software solution, charging stations can be shared by several users and billed individually. In addition, the networked stations allow intelligent load management, which prevents overloading of the power grid. Thanks to bidirectional charging technology, every electric vehicle could soon also serve as an energy storage device when not in use and thus become part of the supply network.

Smartphone in front of e-charging station with Neovac app open
Intelligent billing via NeoVac app – This is how IoT works!

M2M communication therefore also enables a more comprehensive use of resources and the intelligent management and charging of costs incurred as a service. This gives service providers the opportunity to better utilize their offerings. For end users, the advantage lies in the added value of their idle vehicles and in usage-based billing. More details about our cooperation with NeoVac can be found in this article.

Data Analysis as a Product With Livealytics

In addition to saving costs and optimizing processes, M2M communication can also create entirely new products. This is what happened at livealytics. The company offers motion analysis using sensors that can be used, for example, to evaluate visitor flows in stores or at events. The sensors are networked via cellular and generate a constant stream of data in constant communication with each other, which can then be analyzed. The analysis is offered as a service and used to design sales areas, plan escape routes or other local features.

Schematic of a people flow analysis from livealytics
Scheme of a people flow analysis by livealytics

Even if the purposes of M2M communication sometimes overlap, they always enable either cost savings or revenue generation. Be it savings through process optimization and increased efficiency, or revenue by offering analytics services or product-as-a-service offerings. Read more about livealytics in this article.

Contemporary Networked With Digital Republic

All the applications presented have in common that they would not work without connectivity and would hardly be financially viable with expensive tariffs. That’s why we’ve made our tariff system so IoT-friendly. You only need a small bandwidth for your sensors? With our Flat0.4 you are already on board for 4 francs per month, nationwide and unlimited. No matter which devices are to be networked. If they are SIM-enabled, we have the right tariff.

The companies presented here already rely on Digital Republic as a connectivity provider, and they are joined by numerous other representatives from various industries, from Bouygues for construction and building technology to Anandic for med-tech, practically the entire spectrum of industries is represented. If you too would like to network your company via cellular and benefit from the advantages of modern IoT solutions, please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation . For more information on Digital Republic as a provider for business customers and other use cases, click here.

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