Media Release 03/29/2022

In recent years, Digital Republic has been challenging the market. Not only in pricing, but also in eliminating hidden fees and minimum contract periods. Digital Republic is continuing this strategy by adjusting its rates on its two highest bandwidth data flats and roaming. The tariff adjustment has already been made for existing customers and is effective immediately for all new customers.  

Zurich, 03/29/2022 – Many of Digital Republic's customers rely on a router with a mobile connection instead of a optical fiber cable for their home, their vacation home or their office. Digital Republic is convinced that this trend will continue. As Switzerland's mobile Internet provider, the company not only supports this trend, but is also advancing it with its offers and new tariffs. 

Flat Subscriptions With High Bandwidth Cost 10 Francs Less 

Digital Republic's fastest subscriptions will be around a quarter cheaper: the Flat-Subscription 300 now is just CHF 30 and the Flat-Subscription 2000 CHF 40. These subscriptions thus contribute to making routers with mobile connectivity for the home even more competitive. For 30 francs each month, a single or two-person household can easily listen to the radio and watch Netflix, as well as work at the same time. For 40 francs a month, all members of an extended family can netflix independently in their room while effortlessly holding Zoom calls. Ali Soy, co-founder of Digital Republic, said: "With this tariff adjustment to our high-bandwidth flat subscriptions, we are making mobile Internet in the router for the home exciting in comparison with fiber optics." 

The Most Popular Roaming Data Package Gets 5 Francs Cheaper  

With 10 francs for a 1 GB data package in Europe and the U.S., Digital Republic tweaks the price. This data package is valid for 12 months. This means you don't have to buy a new data package for every city trip. Co-Founder Marco Arnold explains: "With the price adjustment of the most booked roaming tariff, we are setting a new benchmark and, thanks to the validity of 12 months, we are also giving our customers the opportunity to finish the package." 

About Digital Republic 

Digital Republic is closing a gap in the digitization of the Swiss economy and society: The agile and innovative provider for mobile Internet in Switzerland relies exclusively on the mobile network and is thus closing the digital divide. Digital Republic's fair and transparent mobile subscriptions for smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and other IoT devices can be used flexibly, managed, and cancelled independently online at any time. This means customers only pay for what they need. Digital Republic puts an end to activation fees, minimum contract periods, and hidden costs. Since June 2021, Digital Republic has also been offering unlimited telephony and SMS in Switzerland in addition to its data subscriptions.   

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