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“Beyond eCharging” – Digital Republic at the Power Days Zurich

E-mobility is becoming the mobility of the future. There are already e-charging stations throughout Switzerland, and from logistics to private households, more and more people are turning to electric vehicles. The problem: The increasing use of electric vehicles could overload the power grid. Interestingly, e-mobility provides the solution to this problem right away: Bi-directional charging. At our lecture series at the Power Days Zurich 2022, industry experts will report on the new possibilities and how electric vehicles could revolutionize not only mobility but also energy supply thanks to this technology and a mobile Internet connection.    

The Idea

Thanks to powerful batteries in many electric vehicles, they are not only able to consume energy, but also to store it and release it again when needed. This creates the opportunity to feed energy directly into the supply network via the charging stations and thus relieve the load on the grid. Many vehicles are parked around most of the time. During these times, electric vehicles could be used as temporary balancing storage. The potential is huge and implementation is shaping up.

Close-up of an electric car being charged
Could soon provide the energy supply for a house: An electric car with bidirectional charging technology

Digital Republic has been integrating connectivity with its SIM cards with various e-charging station providers for some time now, making electric charging smart. As an innovative mobile provider, Digital Republic is naturally also taking the next step towards bidirectional charging with its clientele. At our lecture series “Beyond eCharging – Vehicle-2-everything in theory and practice”, various experts will provide insights into the possibilities and opportunities of bidirectional charging in Switzerland.

The Event

The Zurich Power Days will take place from May 17 – 19 at the Zurich Exhibition Center. The Powertage are a platform for representatives of the Swiss electricity industry, with the aim of further education, innovation promotion and networking. Our lecture series “Beyond eCharging” will take place on May 18 at 15:30 in the Speakers Corner of Hall 6 at Messe Zürich. Moderated by Digital Republic Co-Founder Ali Soy, four talks will address the topic of bidirectional charging from different perspectives.

“Beyond eCharging – Vehicle-2-everything in theory and practice.”  

18 May 2022 / 15:30-17:30 / Speakers Corner Hall 6, Messe Zürich.    

After the lecture series, there will be a networking aperitif for a cozy exchange. From 17:30, access to the Power Party in Hall 7 of Messe Zürich will be open to all participants.

The Speakers

Ali Soy – Digital Republic AG: Moderation  

Raphael Oerer – Digital Republic AG: Connectivity in charging stations  

Sandro Schopfer – Sun2Wheel AG: Bidirectional charging – from home application to fleet  

Fabian Trinkler – eCarUp AG: Easy management and billing of charging stations  

Markus Streit – Gerber AG: Bidirectional charging and sector coupling in practice

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