Switzerland’s Mobile Internet Provider

Vybe and Dschungelkompass tested Digital Republic

...and are convinced

We had the pleasure of being mentioned in the news twice this week.
Dschungelkompass tested 16 Swiss providers with offers for unlimited usage within Switzerland. The total costs of unlimited flat-rate offers for the iPhone 13 were compared. Digital Republic, together with swype, can convince as the cheapest provider. We are delighted that we were able to prevail against established mobile providers in an independent test and also got mentioned by Netzwoche .

It seems that Switzerland wasn't enough for us this week... We are especially excited to have attracted attention even in Germany with the review of vybe. Bruno Rivas from vybe took a close look at Digital Republic - from ordering the SIM card to the various functionalities of the customer portal. Thanks for the honest review!  

Both articles can be read in detail here:

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