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Iot Meets Craftsmanship

Muff Kirchturmtechnik AG networks sacred buildings with connectivity from Digital Republic

Would you have thought that your village church could already be smarter than many new commercial buildings? Neither did we! But the Muff AG product range offers nothing less than complete building automation for churches and other sacred buildings. Fully compliant with monument protection regulations and networked via 5G cellular with SIM cards from Digital Republic. The company, which is over 100 years old, combines tradition with innovation to create a highly interesting complete package. Reason enough to introduce you to Muff AG, even if most of you probably don’t have your own church tower.

The Networked Church – A Project With Challenges

Building automation is already a major task for the average building. In the case of sacred buildings such as churches, the usual challenges such as networking technical rooms and integrating them into a monitoring system are often compounded by the protection of historical monuments and special structural conditions. An Internet connection is often not available and the creation of the corresponding infrastructure is costly.

“In many cases, it doesn’t make economic sense to have an Internet line installed; in other cases, it’s difficult to implement due to historic preservation.”

Patrick Muff, Head of Software Engineering, Member of the Executive Board, Muff AG

The Muff AG team solves this problem with flexible cellular routers and data tariffs from Digital Republic. This lays the foundation for the smart IoT solutions of the innovative traditional company. Their success proves them right, because not only Swiss customers swear by Muff AG. The company is also in high demand in other European countries for its cutting-edge solutions.

“Digital Republic allows us to deploy LTE routers in the buildings mentioned above, providing our customers with cost-effective and reliable Internet access.”

Patrick Muff, Head of Software Engineering, Member of the Executive Board, Muff AG

Craftsmanship Meets Software

The offer of Muff Kirchturmtechnik AG includes everything that the technical heart desires. From consulting and project planning to installation and services, Muff AG looks after churches and other buildings during restoration, maintenance and modernization. In doing so, the company relies on old craftsmanship, the highest level of professionalism and, last but not least, strong, in-house software.

Muff AG’s automation system is called SIGNUM 2 and delivers arguably the best automation for churches on the market. SIGNUM 2 can be operated via app from virtually any networked device, from desktop PC to smartphone.

SIGNUM 2 IoT app on smartphone and tablet

At the touch of a button, for example, the light or audio system can be controlled and an integrated calendar allows perfect timing for chimes, heating and light. At the same time, Muff AG receives all the necessary information for remote monitoring of the entire infrastructure via the mobile data connection.

“By controlling the building efficiently (e.g. heating and air conditioning), we not only save quite a bit of electricity and heating oil, but also reduce the frequency of trips that used to have to be made to the building due to the internet access and mobile app.”

Patrick Muff, Head of Software Engineering, Member of the Executive Board, Muff AG

With Zepter 365 to the Completely Digitized Church Congregation

Building on the SIGNUM 2 system, Muff AG has expanded its product range with another smart solution: Zepter 365.

The software combines building technology and church administration in one innovative platform. Offered as a subscription, the platform allows full remote access to the SIGNUM 2 system, offers inventory management, cloud backup for contracts and documents, address management, the creation of a dedicated wiki and the management of all church data on the same platform.

If a parish uses the full service of Muff AG, a level of digitization is achieved that is also impressive in comparison with commercial operations. For us, a super-exciting use case for IoT connectivity via cellular, and for the parishes, easy access to complete digitization of most business-relevant processes.

Zepterman Artwork

Iot and Cellular – A Match Made in Heaven

Digital Republic specializes in flexible connectivity solutions. Therefore, we are all the more pleased when this connectivity is used in an innovative and trend-setting way by our partners. Muff AG acts as an example for its industry and focuses on flexibility and scalability when it comes to Internet connectivity.

“With Digital Republic we can add SIM cards to stock and manage them in our own system through your API. All our employees have to do is assign the ICCID of the SIM card to the right project and the subscription is automatically activated on the installation date, even if it is months in the future. This seamless connection to our own software services works insanely well for us and we wouldn’t want to do without it.”

Patrick Muff, Head of Software Engineering, Member of the Executive Board, Muff AG

If you are also interested in a location-independent connectivity solution for your next IoT project, you can find various Use Cases and reference interviews on our page for business customers. Alternatively, you can also contact us for an individual personal consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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