GPS Tracker für Haustiere

Use Cases

Trackers and Detection Devices

Where are tracking devices used in everyday life?

There are now numerous areas of application for GPS trackers and detection devices and also the corresponding connection solutions. From school backpacks to tracker wristwatches for children and GPS collars for dogs and cats, there is everything. Also for sports equipment such as bikes, e-trottinets and skateboards there are now small tracking devices. A GPS tracking device must be equipped with a SIM card so that it can transmit the position calculated via satellites to e.g. an app and you can determine the location.

What data SIM cards are suitable for trackers?

A tracker or tracking device only requires a stable Internet connection; large amounts of data do not need to be transmitted. Therefore the only correct solution is to equip your tracker with the Flat 4 with 0.4 Mbits download and 0.2 Mbits upload.

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