Tablet mit SIM Karte

Use Cases

Mobile Internet for Tablets

The tablet is the everyday device for many applications

Tablets have long since found their way into everyday life. They are often used as a substitute for the laptop. The tablet is an all-in-one device that covers many areas perfectly. For work on the road, the tablet can be used with the regular office applications. But also as a small, portable TV for streaming offers like Netflix, YouTube or Vimeo, the tablet with mobile internet is perfectly suitable, not to mention the regular applications like surfing, chatting, social media or video calls. Tablets are now equipped with a SIM card slot as standard. This makes it easy for you to connect your tablet to the Internet when you’re on the move.

What data speed is suitable for tablets?

To make sure that your tablet can use all the applications optimally, we recommend a Flat 10 with 10 Mbits download and 5 Mbits upload. This allows you to run all online applications without any problems. Streaming services can also be used at this speed. If you need to process larger amounts of data with your tablet, the next larger version, the Flat 50 with 50 Mbits download and 25 Mbits upload, is the right decision.

Bye Bye Plastic! Our Flat Subscriptions are now also available as eSIM!

All our flat subscriptions are also available as eSIM. It takes only a few minutes to install the eSIM. It is done in a few simple steps. The eSIM is the sustainable future for your devices. Find out which devices are eSIM compatible. Click here.

Further information about the eSIM can be read in our blog.

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