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SIM card

Flat Mobile – SIM card incl. 365 days unlimited Internet and telephony in CH and 24 GB roaming

Unlimited Internet, telephony and SMS in Switzerland

24 GB roaming per year in the EU and the USA

Sunrise network


Flat Mobile | Unlimited everything in Switzerland | 24 GB roaming (EU/USA)

With Flat Mobile you have everything you need: Internet, telephony, SMS. And unlimited throughout Switzerland. Including 24 GB roaming per year in zone 1 (EU/USA)!

The speed of 30 Mbits download and 15 Mbits upload is more than enough to enjoy Netflix, Sky, Disney+, YouTube or other streaming services in the best resolution. It is also enough to surf the Internet, answer emails or play a mobile game while watching a series marathon. Thanks to the integrated 24 GB roaming, nothing stands in the way of an extended city trip abroad. If you ever need more data, you can add additional roaming packages flexibly and cheaply.

This is what you get

  • The 3 in 1 SIM Card (fits to all devices)
  • Unlimited Internet, telephony and SMS in Switzerland
  • 24 GB roaming in the EU and USA (zone 1) per year
  • 30 Mbits Download / 15 Mbits Upload
  • Access to the customer portal

Why Digital Republic

  • You receive the SIM card in 1-2 days and have it activated in 10 minutes
  • No activation fee
  • Customer support that really cares about the well-being of its customers

Number porting and cancellation made easy!
Don’t worry about your mobile phone number. You can simply take your existing number with you to Digital Republic. After receiving your SIM card, activate it in your customer portal. Then select the “Number porting” option, enter your existing mobile phone number and your current provider and choose a cancellation date. We recommend that you choose the cancellation date at the end of your contract so that you do not incur any high penalty fees from your old provider. We will then take care of the cancellation with your old provider for you. As soon as the cancellation has been accepted, you will receive a message from us telling you when you can start using Flat Mobile.

You can find detailed instructions on number porting and cancellation in our support portal at the following link:
This is how the number porting and termination with the old provider works

The price is valid for 12 months. At the end of the 365 days, you can extend or adjust your subscription in your customer portal or convert it to a monthly subscription if you wish.

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