CHF 10 incl. 8.1% MwSt.

SIM card

Flat 10 – SIM card incl. 30 days unlimited Internet

10 Mbits Download / 5 Mbits Upload

Sunrise Network


Unlimited Internet Perfect for Your Tablet or Smartphone

Mobile Internet with 10 Mbits Download / 5 Mbits Upload

With the Digital Republic Flat 10 data SIM card you can easily connect your devices to the mobile internet.

The Flat 10 covers all needs for the mobile Internet. 10 Mbits Download is suitable for all devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, mobile hotspots, surveillance cameras and many more.

This speed is enough for you to enjoy Netflix, Sky Show, Sky Sports, Disney+, YouTube or any other streaming service in high resolution Full HD. It’s also enough to surf the Internet while watching your tv shows.

What do I get with the starter SIM-Card?

  • The 3 in 1 SIM Card (fits to all devices)
  • First month unlimited internet included
  • Access to the customer portal

Which speed is the right one for me?

You decide how you want to get started. There are three different SIM Cards with different speeds available for you.

Flat 0.4 | 30 days
0.4 Mbits Download, 0.2 Mbits Upload
Suitable for all smart devices with low data consumption such as simple sensors, personal or pet tracking devices, vehicle tracking, tracking of personal objects, navigation solutions, trackers for hikers and much more.

Flat 10 | 30 days:
Max. 10 Mbits Download, 5 Mbits Upload
Suitable for all mobile devices with medium data consumption such as smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots, entertainment solutions in vehicles.

Flat 300 | 30 days
Max. 300 Mbits Download, 150 Mbits Upload
Suitable as a replacement for the Internet at home. LTE-WLAN routers with multiple people, offices, shared flats and any other case of shared use.

Additional speed profiles and roaming packages can be selected in the customer portal once the SIM card has been activated.

An overview of all rates can be found here.

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