SIM card

Flat 0.4 – SIM card incl. 365 days unlimited Internet

0.4 Mbits Download / 0.2 Mbits Upload

Sunrise Network

CHF 44 incl. 7.7% VAT

Digital Republic Flat 0.4 Yearly Package

Mobile Internet with 0.4 Mbits Download / 0.2 Mbits Upload

1 Year of Internet for your Trackers and Sensors 

With the Digital Republic Flat 0.4 data SIM card you can easily connect your devices to the mobile internet.

The Flat 0.4 covers your basic needs on mobile internet. 0.4 Mbits download is suitable for many devices such as sensors, GPS trackers, remote controls, tracking devices, remote maintenance, Voice over IP solutions and any other service that only consumes small amounts of data.

What do I receive with the Flat 0.4 Yearly Package?

  • 1 Jahr unlimitiert mobiles Internet für CHF 44.-
  • 0.4 Mbits Download / 0.2 Mbits Upload
  • A 3 in 1 SIM card
  • Access to the customer portal

The price and speed are valid for 12 months after activation of your SIM card. You can adjust your subscription after 365 days in your customer portal or cancel monthly if you wish.

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