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Laptop mit mobilem Internet in Desktopansicht
Whether on the train, in the bus or in a café - your laptop is always perfectly connected to the Internet with the speed of 50 Mbits (Flat 50 for CHF 20.-)
Suitable for Video Conferences, Office Applications, Social Media, Gaming, Streaming
Schwarzer LTE Router
Do you run several series marathons at home at the same time? No problem. Equip your 5G or LTE-enabled WLAN router with a 300 Mbits SIM card (Flat 300 for CHF 30.-) and all your flatmates can surf at full speed.
Suitable for streaming and gaming in multi-person households
Apple Watch mit Digital Republic Watch SIM
Stay connected, even without your smartphone! With the cheapest Watch SIM in Switzerland, you can easily share your Digital Republic subscription with your Apple or Samsung Galaxy Watch for just CHF 4 per month!
Suitable for your Apple or Samsung Galaxy Watch
Weisses Auto mit mobilem Internet in Seitenansicht
Do you want to keep your fellow car passengers entertained? Use a mobile hotspot with 50 Mbits (Flat 50 for 20.-) - or insert the SIM Card directly into the slot in your car.
Suitable for hotspots, surfing, YouTube, Netflix, gaming
Smartphone mit mobilem Internet
You use your smartphone to listen to music on Spotify, make phone calls and chat with friends on WhatsApp. You watch videos on Netflix and YouTube and play games online. With 10 Mbits (Flat 10 for CHF 10) and the Voice Option (for CHF 8), you're perfectly equipped.
Suitable for YouTube, Netflix, Social Media, Spotify, Apps, Gaming
GPS Tracker für Haustiere
You have a pet or a vehicle that you care about? With a GPS tracker and the 0.4 Mbits (Flat 4 for CHF 4.-) SIM card, you always know exactly where it is.
Suitable for GPS Trackers, Sensors, Smartwatches
Tablet mit SIM Karte
Do you work on your tablet when you are on the road or use it for streaming and gaming? With 10 Mbits (Flat 10 for CHF 10.-) you have the perfect solution and guaranteed enough speed.
Suitable for YouTube, Netflix, Social Media, Spotify, Apps, Gaming
Schwarzer, ferngesteuerter Temperaturregler
Before arriving in the holiday apartment turning on the heating? No problem, if you equip your smart home solution with the 0.4 Mbits (Flat 4 for CHF 4.-) SIM card, your home is always perfectly connected.
Suitable for remote controls, heating controls, lighting controls, smart homes
Weisse Überwachungskamera mit SIM Karte von vorne
Your Home is Your Castle? Then connect your LTE-enabled network camera with the 10 Mbits (Flat 10 for CHF 10.-) SIM card to the Internet and check at any time if everything is in order.
Suitable for LTE Security Cameras
Schwarzer mobiler Hotspot, der Internet für unterwegs nutzbar macht
Connect all your mobile devices to the Internet. Get the 50 Mbits (Flat 50 for CHF 20.-) SIM card and equip your mobile hotspot with it. You'll have enough speed to connect tablets, laptops and smartphones to the Internet.
Suitable for mobile hotspots, multi-user, Netflix, YouTube, gaming, social media

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