Laptop mit mobilem Internet in Desktopansicht

Use Cases


Mobile Internet for your laptop

Our society is mobile and travels a lot. Thanks to the laptop, we have a device that has made the advantages of a desktop computer mobile for many years. With a laptop, various tasks can be done on the road. But not only mobile working with a laptop is possible nowadays. Chatting, video conferencing, surfing, Netflix and much more is possible with portable computers. To be able to use all these applications reliably, your laptop must be equipped with mobile Internet. Meanwhile many devices come with an integrated SIM card slot, which can be used to connect the laptop to the Internet.

What speed does a laptop need?

Depending on the application, different data packages are suitable for connecting a laptop to the Internet. For the simple use of office applications, streaming media such as Netflix and YouTube and social media, the Flat 10 with 10 Mbits download and 5 Mbits upload is sufficient. If you need to send larger amounts of data in a short time, we recommend using the next higher data package Flat 50 with 50 Mbits download and 25 Mbits upload.

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