We are proud to congratulate our customer Digitec Galaxus on the Go-Live of digitec connect

In cooperation with Digital Republic, the Swiss e-commerce leader has launched an incomparable mobile phone subscription. The offer stands out from the competition thanks to completely digitalized customer processes, simplicity, transparency and an ingenious pricing model. The offer can be ordered and activated completely online. With the 'Family & Friends' offer, customers can form groups of up to five people and benefit from a National Data flat rate at no extra charge.

Our contribution at a glance

The press release from Digitec Galaxus:

With «digitec connect» the leading Swiss electronics retailer digitec launches a mobile subscription that requires no minimum term, no activation fee and no annoying paperwork. Those who want to switch to the flexible offer can complete the entire porting process online in just a few steps. For new customers, the basic fee is waived in the first month. Payment is quick and easy by credit card. Telephony and data run via the Sunrise network.

"We were not satisfied with the existing offers and were convinced that our customers deserved something better," says Oliver Herren, CIO and co-founder of Digitec Galaxus, "so we quickly created our own mobile subscription, which stands out for its simplicity, transparency and fairness". Smartphones are digitec's best-selling products and belong to the DNA of the leading Swiss online retailer. Accordingly, the step to create an own mobile subscription was obvious.

The customer only pays for what he really needs

There are no confusing cancellation conditions, hidden costs or nasty roaming surprises with digitec connect. Contrary to what is usual on the market, additionally purchased national data packages do not expire either. Also the well-known additional charges for activation, a change of holder or the replacement of SIM cards do not apply. With digitec connect there is also exactly one subscription; the service and the price are flexible.

The subscription price is based on the needs of the customer - and not vice versa. Only the data volume used is paid for. Telephony in Switzerland, 3 GB national data and 1 GB data roaming in the EU/USA zone are included in the monthly basic charge of CHF 25. If the national 3 GB per month is not sufficient, customers can purchase additional packages of 1 GB for CHF 6 each. They can choose online whether additional data is added automatically or manually. This function offers simplicity and makes the subscription interesting as a prepaid replacement. From a data consumption of 7 GB per month, a flat rate applies: digitec connect subscribers never pay more than CHF 49 for surfing in Switzerland.

The bigger the family, the more free data

With the "Family + Friends" option, customers can add additional Family Member subscriptions to their online account. Who the customer's Family is is defined by the customer: Whether it's a grandma, roommate or other favourite person. The only condition is that the subscriptions are managed under the same login. And that's worth it, because with every additional person in the shared account, 1 GB of free data per subscription is added every month. If you share a digitec-connect account with five people, everyone in Switzerland can surf at the unbeatable data flat rate of CHF 25 per subscription.

With digitec connect, everything also works very conveniently online: The account manager can make all settings via the online cockpit and always has an up-to-date overview of the current usage.

Changing subscriptions is child's play

"Many stay with their existing provider out of convenience, even though they don't take advantage of the subscription at all," says Andreas Kundert, Leader Strategic Business Development at Digitec Galaxus. "So they pay every month on top of that." But with digitec connect, the switch is done in three steps and is super easy. "The process takes no more than three minutes", promises Kundert. And that's how it works:

  1. Register online via https://connect.digitec.ch, upload a credit card and an ID photo
  2. SIM card received by mail and activated in the cockpit
  3. Insert SIM card on start date and off you go

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