Router + SIM card

5G Hotspot MR5200-100EUS Nighthawk M5 - Inkl. 1 Jahr unlimitiert Internet mit 2 Gbit/s - PCtipp

5G Router mit 35% Rabatt und 1 Jahr unlimitiert 5G Internet mit 50% Rabatt

CHF 899 incl. 7.7% VAT

5G Hotspot MR5200-100EUS Nighthawk M5 incl. 1 year unlimited Internet

Einfacher gehts nicht, schneller erst recht nicht! Nimm dein ultraschnelles 5G Internet überall mit hin – dank dem MR5200 Nighthawk Router und der PCtipp Flat 2000 SIM-Karte

What you get with the bundle:

  • Flat 2000 (5G) - unlimited Internet for 1 year with 2 Gbit/s download and 300 Mbits upload - CHF 240.– instead of 480.– (Discount of 50%)
  • Netgear MR5200 Nighthawk M5 Router for CHF 659.–  statt 849.– (Rabatt von 22%)

Now you can surf from anywhere in Switzerland mit all deinen Geräten mit ultraschnellem 5G Internet surfen surfen. Profitiere von der Spezialaktion und erhalte den Nighthawk MR Router  zusammen mit dem Flat 2000 Jahrespaket. Mit der PCtipp Daten SIM-Karte verbindest du einfach und komfortabel deinen M5 Hotspot mit dem schnellen 5G Internet.

Nighthawk M5 Mobile Router

  • Unglaubliche Geschwindigkeit: blitzschnelles mobiles 5G-Breitbandinternet und bahnbrechenden Download-Geschwindigkeiten von bis zu 2 GBit/s.
  • WiFi 6 technology: Allows more devices to connect and stream at the same time without compromising WiFi speed or reliability. With the higher capacity, you get faster speeds for high-end video streaming on smartphones, tablets, and computers.
  • Fixed wireless options: revolutionary 5G connections for your home or office via the Gigabit network port. Simply connect your 5G mobile router to your existing home router and bring 5G speeds to your home network and all your devices.
  • Secure and reliable network: Avoid the risks of public WLAN networks with VPN pass-through support and password protection.
  • Always-on, reliable connection that lets you connect up to 32 devices
  • Connector for external antennas (Requires TS-9 to SMA adapter, listed in accessories)


The NETGEAR Nighthawk M5 mobile router creates a whole new mobile broadband experience with WiFi 6 and incredible 5G speeds.

New WiFi-6 Technology

The latest WiFi 6 technology provides the fastest 5G speeds for all your current and future connected devices with up to 4 times more capacity than AC WLAN.

5G WLAN Made Easy

Keep your whole family or team connected with reliable, secure Wi-Fi for up to 32 devices. Perfect for commuters or mobile workers like first responders and service technicians, you'll have access to secure Wi-Fi wherever you are.

5G Network for the Home Network

If fiber, DSL, or cable Internet speeds aren't optimal in your area, 5G can be more reliable than your primary Internet connection. Simply connect your Nighthawk M5 mobile router to your existing home router to get 5G speeds throughout your home.

5G and WiFi 6 Everywhere

With the Nighthawk M5 mobile router, you don't have to go without Wi-Fi anywhere. All your devices run at 5G speeds. You always know who's on your network. And you can always rely on your personal network. Use WLAN with NETGEAR support for 5G connection speeds.

Netgear Mobile App

Manage your NETGEAR mobile routers from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Note: This app is not for AirCard USB modems. Track data usage on a monthly and session basis. Check the status of your WLAN connection and battery life in real time. View connected WLAN devices. Turning off the hotspot. Enable dual-band WLAN (applicable models only). Beep your mobile router or hotspot (applicable models only). View and play media files. Offloading to WLAN or Ethernet.

Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO)

As part of the Wave 2 evolution of the 802.11ac standard, Multi-User MIMO technology has been introduced. By using multi-user MIMO, this device can stream data to multiple devices simultaneously. This allows your WLAN network to deliver faster throughput to each connected client. This means faster downloads and lag-free streaming for your devices.

Easy connection via push button WPS

The system supports uncomplicated, automatic registration via WPS (WLAN Protected Setup). All it takes to set it up is the push of a button: WPS-enabled network devices then connect to each other automatically. Appropriate WLAN settings are applied and the product is immediately ready for use.