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Router + SIM card

LTE Hotspot MR1100-100EUS Nighthawk M1 – Incl. Flat 300 with 1 year unlimited Internet

Unlimited Internet and Router with 37% discount!

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LTE Hotspot MR1100-100EUS Nighthawk M1 incl. 1 year unlimited Internet

It couldn’t be easier! Take your Internet with you wherever you go – thanks to the MR1100 Nighthawk router and Digital Republic SIM card.

What you get with the bundle:

  • Flat 300 – unlimited internet for 1 year with 300 Mbits download and 150 Mbits upload – CHF 180.– instead of 360.– (Discount of 50%)
  • Netgear MR1100 Nighthawk M1 Router for CHF 311.– statt 424.– (Discount of 26%)

Now you can surf from anywhere in Switzerland with all your devices. Take advantage of the special offer now and get the Nighthawk MR1100 router together with the Flat 300 annual package. With the Digital Republic data SIM card, you can easily and conveniently connect your devices to the mobile Internet.

Gigabit LTE Mobile Hotspot Router

  • Always-on connection for up to 20 WLAN devices
  • Supports LTE CAT 16, LTE Advanced 4-band carrier aggregation, 4×4 MIMO, 256QAM
  • WLAN 802.11ac and simultaneous 2.4 GHz/5 GHz dual band
  • Media streaming from microSD, USB or external hard drive to all connected devices
  • Powerful and high-capacity battery for all-day continuous operation
  • WLAN/Ethernet offloading capabilities, parental controls and easy setup

The Nighthawk Mobile Hotspot Router is the world’s first commercial mobile hotspot router for Gigabit Class LTE, achieving maximum download speeds of up to 1 Gbps. With ultra-fast download speeds, support for Cat. 16 LTE Advanced, and 4-band carrier aggregation in one device, this premium mobile hotspot router delivers the best Internet connectivity whether on the go, at home, or traveling.

Connection for up to 20 WLAN devices

As a travel router on the go, the Nighthawk can provide a secure LTE connection for sharing with up to 20 Wi-Fi devices in your family. It can be used for streaming, playing multimedia content, and working. It can also be used as a portable base station in combination with Arlo security cameras to monitor your home from anywhere.

Simple, intuitive app-driven user experience

The Nighthawk Mobile hotspot router scores with a simple and intuitive app-driven user experience. It offers controls for children’s online usage, an enhanced JumpBoost feature, and a high-capacity battery for all-day continuous use. The Nighthawk MobileHotspot router realizes the full potential of Gigabit LTE and delivers a mobile broadband experience like never before.

WLAN standard 802.11ac

The WLAN standard 802.11ac offers you up to twice as much data throughput as older standards. The increase is achieved on the one hand by widening the transmission bandwidth. In addition, 802.11ac allows the number of parallel data streams (multiple input multiple output, or MIMO) to be increased to up to eight MIMO streams, while the 802.11n standard defines a maximum of four MIMO streams. Even large chunks of data like videos and backups are no problem with this WLAN speed.

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