Digital Republic IoT Business Suite
for Operators & M2M providers

With the advantage of IoT Business Suite, Digital Republic provides the ability to rate, charge and bill for digital and recurring services across today’s connected world. We enable operators and their business customers to monetise the IoT revolution with a BSS (Business Supporting System) designed for IoT Business Models.

Business Model Opportunities

Most operators are offering their M2M connectivity solution to their business customers. According to forecasts from different research companies, consumer IoT connections will grow much faster than other IoT applications. By combining B2B, B2C and B2B2X models the operator will obtain the chance to provide a complete product and service transaction.

Digital Republic IoT Business Suite delivers all the business processes and capabilities to launch any IoT relevant business model with ease and get it to market in an incredibly short time.

Multitenant and reseller capabilities make it possible to simultaneously serve multiple business customers and operate different business models on a single IoT Business Suite instance:

Monetising Consumer Connectivity with M2M Data Buckets

Integrating the IoT Business Suite with an M2M Connectivity Management Platform enables the offering of Data Buckets and Connectivty Products to Consumers.

This helps operators and their business customers to offer a complete product to their consumers with a SIM-based connectivity solution, including branded and user-friendly web cockpits: e.g. Internet in the car products for WiFi and infotainment applications.

Product as a Service / Leasing

Connecting a device has the potential for new recurring business models and services. Instead of a full, one-time price; the consumer pays for the connected product with a subscription. Large enterprises like General Electric and John Deere have been early pioneers of the product as a service business model. IDC Manufacturing Insights estimates that 40% of the Top 100 discrete manufacturers will provide product as service platforms by 2018.

Product as Point of Sales

Measuring the use of a device also brings knowledge of the need for complementary goods such as washing machine tablets, coffee capsules, tyres or even insurance. The placement of suitable offers at the right time brings with it a large increase in sales potential. If services are offered by third parties via the networked product and purchased by consumers, IoT Business Suite ensures a correct and transparent distribution of revenues according to defined criterias.

Feature as a Service

Manufacturers often struggle with the complexity of different product variations and the inability to monetise future software enhancements of features. By offering features as a service, the customer could profit from lower acquisition costs and the freedom to use the product according to his current needs. At the same time, the cost of production can be reduced by only building one model. In addition, existing or new features/upgrades can be offered in a freemium/trail model to raise conversion rates.

Pay per Use

The IoT brings the possibility of measuring the usage of a device. In a pay-per-use business model, the use of a product or service is measured, and customers are charged when they use the service. This can lower the acquisition cost and enable sustainable recurring revenues. The usage data can be determined via the IoT application, evaluated with the Rating & Pricing Engine of the IoT Business Suite and settled directly with the consumer.

Sharing Economy

Knowing the geographic location and availability of a device allows you to share the device with interested parties. The usage is billed according to duration or quantity and the revenues are distributed to the respective parties via the IoT Business Suite billing module according the agreements.

Customer Journey in B2B2C IoT Applications

With IoT Business Suite, operators can offer their business customers and their end customers a complete digital process. This will help them to bring their connected products to market efficiently and to monetise them with new subscription based business models.

Along with the core modules, we provide desktop or mobile optimised front-ends along the customer journey, which can be adapted to your requirements. All user interfaces can be integrated in native apps. Here is an example of how IoT Business Suite can offer support along the Customer Journey.

How can Digital Republic help you?

We understand that operators have to think and act with a strong customer focus. Market success in IoT generated by its customers also drives an operator’s success. And that’s exactly what we help them to achieve with Digital Republic’s IoT Business Suite.

CRM & Contracts Management

  • Categorises every customer interaction and document
  • Multi-channel capable (online, telephone, e-mail, SMS, fax, letter) with support for current technologies (click-2-chat, click-2-video, knowledge-base) highly configurable and customizable
  • Supported by the integrated workflow module

Product & Subscription Catalogue

  • Modelling of any product and subscription structure
  • Modelling of promotions and trials
  • Fully configurable: add new products and subscriptions without development effort
  • The central data source for all incoming orders, provisioning and invoicing

Rating & Pricing Engine

  • Highly scalable rating engine (optimized for IoT applications)
  • Integrate any M2M/IoT Platform and rate CDR’s (call detail records) or other usage information directly from the M2M connected devices
  • A reliable rating engine is a key component for the creation of accurate invoices.

Billing, Pre- & Post Payment Engine

  • Integrated billing and accounts receivable management solution
  • Multi currency capabilities and compliant with tax regulations
  • Flexible and expandable based on customer-specific requirements
  • High level of performance and scalability – proven in practice

Order Management & Workflow Engine

  • Genius and generic solution for mapping complex business processes
  • Enables maximum automation
  • Each manual interaction clearly defined and controlled
  • Comprehensive, transparent, clear and reliable

Multitenancy & Reseller Management

  • All modules are Multi-tenant capable
  • Reliable reseller integration (separate user interfaces with own workflows)
  • Enabling secure data sharing across multiple parties
  • Highly customisable (for each tenant)

Reporting & DWH Integration

  • Powerful reporting module
  • Linking and evaluation of all data in the system
  • A transparent and high-performance data model makes the work straightforward
  • All relevant data can be made available to DWH or Business Intelligence solutions at any time

Versatile Integration & Interface Bus

  • Unique solution for the implementation of interfaces to other systems
  • Latest technologies (EAI message queues)
  • Fast, cost-effective, reliable and flexible
  • Many standard interfaces available (e.g. OSS, M2M or IoT platforms)

Reseller Management enables B2B2X Business Models

The IoT Business Suite enables operators to operate each of the business models described above. In addition, the multi-tenant and reseller management capabilities enable operators to implement B2B2X business models and enable their business customers to implement IoT products in a fast and straightforward manner.

Value Proposition for Operators & Service Providers

  • Enabling new business opportunities and revenues with B2B2X, B2C and B2B business models around the IoT
  • Fast time to market with a complete BSS platform containing ready to use API’s and user interface
  • Scalable, secure, open and flexible SaaS solution without infrastructure requirements and low TCO
  • High-performance rating and billing engine designed to scale for millions of customers and devices
  • Multi-tenant enabled for versatile integration with various partners and stakeholders
  •  Careless project coordination – an agile and result-oriented way of working helps to focus on core business

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