Photovoltaic Systems and E-charging Stations

Please tell me at the beginning what your function is at Schibli AG. 
I am a project manager at the Competence Centre Renewable Energy.  

Tell us something about Schibli AG. What do you do exactly? 

We are part of the Schibli Group and provide - as the name suggests - renewable
energy solutions. But we don't just install photovoltaic systems, PV storage and e-mobility and charging stations.
We also support architects and specialist planners in the planning process. In the process we create
complete energy concepts for entire areas or quarters, carry out feasibility analyses as well as
profitability calculations and create dispositions and schemes. We realise from the
simple detached house to complex commercial or industrial buildings. Our focus is on on maximum self-consumption
and thus on a sustainable, reliable and economical economic solution.
wirtschaftlichen Lösung.

More info: Competence Centre Renewable Energy - Everything from a single source ( 

What problem(s) existed before you started working with Digital Republic? 
The photovoltaic systems and e-mobility charging stations that we install require internet access. Ordering a fixed connection via a provider is very time-consuming and usually very expensive. With the SIM cards from Digital Republic, in combination with an LTE modem, we can offer our customers a simple and inexpensive way to connect their photovoltaic system or e-mobility charging station to the Internet. 

How does Digital Republic's offering help you solve these problems? What convinced you? 
Ordering and activating a new SIM card is very simple, fast and straightforward. This means that we can provide an internet connection for our facilities on the same day, without having to make various clarifications and subscriptions with fixed network providers beforehand.  

Why did you choose Digital Republic over another provider's solution? 
Very good value for money, simple, fast. 

Would you recommend Digital Republic to other companies and if so, why? 

- The web site application is very simple 

- Internet is available everywhere and anytime 

- Flexibly adaptable at any time with regard to internet speeds 

What are the next topics for you as the Competence Centre Renewable Energy of the
Schibli AG?

This is a difficult question. Photovoltaics and e-mobility are currently very trendy and the
entire field of renewable energy solutions is changing rapidly and constantly. One certainly big step will be the charging of charging stations with high and low tariffs. 

Thank you very much for the short interview.  

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