Short interview with Johannes Römp from Amberg Loglay

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First of all, please tell me about your position at Amberg Loglay AG. 
CTO, Head of Software Development. 

Erzähle uns etwas über Amberg Loglay AG. Was macht ihr genau? 
In the Smart City context, we are digitalizing construction site logistics. 

What problem(s) existed at Amberg Loglay AG before you started working with Digital Republic? 
Connect digital devices quickly and easily. 

How does Digital Republic's offering help you solve these problems? What convinced you? 
Short-term provision of connectivity for IoT devices and mobile. Flexibility and price. 

Why did you choose Digital Republic over another provider's solution? 
Flexibility and simplicity in management. 

Would you recommend Digital Republic to other companies and if so, why? 
Yes. It couldn't be quicker or easier. 

What's next for Amberg Loglay AG? 
Networked and digitalized logistics on the construction site is the beginning. But there are still many possibilities in connection with construction sites in general. 

Thank you very much for the short interview. 

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