This is what Samuel Waeny from Eventon says

Please tell me at the beginning what your role at Everton is. 

I lead the development of innovative software solutions for large events, such as OpenAirs. We are a team of five young developers. Currently, we are more concerned with testing & vaccination. 

We hope to be able to devote ourselves to our core competencies again soon. 

Tell us something about Eventon. What do you do exactly?

Our company is the merger of two large organisers who want to make their own processes more efficient with the help of software.  

We also use the know-how gained from this in the form of software in other projects. Increasing efficiency is always the common thread running through all our projects.  

What problem(s) existed before you started working with Digital Republic? 

In order to be able to use the software we have developed at different locations, a stable, mobile data connection is essential. 

Managing a large number of SIM cards was very complicated and expensive with other providers.  

How does Digital Republic's offering help you solve these problems? What convinced you? 

Digital Republic's simple offer corresponds to the delivered service but also to our needs. In addition, the uncomplicated nature of the team, which enabled a quick onboarding, was very pleasant. 

Why did you choose Digital Republic over another provider's solution? 
Unlike other providers, Digital Republic offers a simple web interface for administration, which does without unnecessary features. The subscriptions are clearly defined and correspond to the pay-as-you-go principle, which made it possible to start with only a few SIMs. We now manage over 350 active SIMs. 

Would you recommend Digital Republic to other companies and if so, why?   

The motivated and young nature of the team makes the cooperation relaxed and pragmatic. In one case, urgently needed SIM cards were deposited for us in a hotel in an uncomplicated way, because all other possibilities such as the post office but also a courier would not have been practicable. So we were able to set up our mobile devices and hand them over to the customer the same evening. 


What's next for Eventon?  

We are currently preparing for a festival summer in 2023 and are constantly expanding our team.  See you at the next big concert for a cool beer or two. 

Thank you very much for the short interview.

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