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After 4G or 5G laptops were a typical niche product for a long time, they can be found more and more in retailers' assortments. Numerous manufacturers also offer their models with a SIM slot. So it's time to specify our speed recommendation for laptops so that you can be optimally connected anytime and anywhere.
If you want to cancel a cell phone contract and switch providers, you are often confronted with tedious hurdles. Entire departments specialize in dissuading you from canceling your contract with price reductions or other benefits. You can save yourself this gauntlet! We will help you!
QR codes are super useful and also carry the information for installing eSIM profiles on your smartphone, among other things. The downside: QR codes can also lead users to dubious websites for the purpose of phishing or malware infection. So are eSIM codes also potential malware sources?
Very few people want to make compromises when it comes to their router at home. High-speed Internet sells like hot cakes, even though many users barely use their bandwidth. To ensure that you only pay for what you really need, we have added our speed recommendations for routers and hotspots.
Digital Republic recommends an Internet speed of 50 Mbits for tablets. However, there are big differences in usage behavior here as well. Tablets can be anything from a simple web browser for the couch to a mobile workstation or gaming console. We have supplemented our recommendation a bit so that you can find the right speed for your specific case.
According to the online comparison service, cellular subscriptions are becoming increasingly successful. Prepaid offers seem less attractive and the vast majority of users opt for a subscription. But there is another form that combines the best of both worlds: the prepaid subscription!
If you have to keep a lot of appointments and still don't want to do without the advantages of a dedicated and secure Internet connection, you can create an attractive all-in-one solution for your backpack with a SIM-enabled notebook. We present two devices and explain why we see SIM-enabled notebooks as the future of mobile working.