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Android users have been familiar with the functions for quite some time. Now, Apple has caught up with iOS 17 and allows iPhone users to fully utilize their dual-SIM or dual-eSIM configuration for the first time. The new messaging features and the phone app should be particularly popular.
Many of us know it: It's not good for our mental health and general well-being if we spend hours of our day blindly scrolling through feeds. There are many possible solutions, and quite a few of us have even dispensed with our smartphones altogether. Are there less radical alternatives? Interestingly, smartwatches of all things seem to offer a simple way out. Provided they have an independent cellular connection.
In principle, the Swiss are satisfied with their cell phone subscriptions. However, there are a few points that annoy many. In particular, campaigns and promotions as well as the cancellation periods are a source of displeasure. Modern mobile subscriptions should actually shine in these areas; after all, the technical possibilities also allow very flexible offers.
Digital Republic is an eSIM provider from the very beginning and we are working hard on the latest features and the best eSIM experience in Switzerland! So that you are also fit for the future, if you have not yet dealt with the eSIM, we have compiled in this post in 10 questions what you need to know about the eSIM.
People who go on vacation usually take their smartphones with them. To ensure that communication is not interrupted at the destination, many people still use roaming packages from their providers besides local rates. Thanks to the new roaming packages from Digital Republic, this can be done more cheaply than with almost any other provider, as a comparison by Moneyland shows.