CHF 12 incl. 8.1% MwSt.

SIM card

SIM card SIM incl. 30 days Internet Flat 0.4 + Voice

0.4 Mbits Download / 0.2 Mbits Upload

Sunrise Network


Digital Republic Flat 0.4 + Voice

Mobile Internet with 0.4 Mbits Download / 0.2 Mbits Upload

With the Digital Republic Flat 0.4 data SIM card you can easily connect your devices to the mobile internet.

The Flat 0.4 covers your basic needs on mobile internet. 0.4 Mbits download is suitable for many devices such as sensors, GPS trackers, remote controls, tracking devices, remote maintenance, Voice over IP solutions and any other service that only consumes small amounts of data.

The Voice Option allows you unlimited calls and text messages to all Swiss networks.

Number porting and cancellation made easy!
You don’t have to worry about number porting and cancellation with your old provider, because we take care of everything for you. After receiving your SIM card, you activate it in the customer portal and select that you want to activate the voice option. Then enter your existing number and your previous provider. We will take care of the cancellation with your old provider for you. As soon as your cancellation has been accepted, you will receive a message from us telling you when you can start using your new mobile subscription with Digital Republic.

You can find detailed instructions on number porting and cancellation in our support portal at the following link:
This is how number porting and termination with the old provider works

What do I get with the starter SIM-Card?

  • The 3 in 1 SIM Card (fits to all devices)
  • First month unlimited internet, calls and SMS included
  • Access to the customer portal

Which speed is the right one for me?

You decide how you want to get started. There are three different SIM Cards with different speeds available for you.

Flat 0.4 | 30 days
0.4 Mbits Download, 0.2 Mbits Upload
Suitable for all smart devices with low data consumption such as simple sensors, personal or pet tracking devices, vehicle tracking, tracking of personal objects, navigation solutions, trackers for hikers and much more.

Flat 10 | 30 days
Max. 10 Mbits Download, 5 Mbits Upload
Suitable for all mobile devices with medium data consumption such as smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots, entertainment solutions in vehicles.

Flat 300 | 30 days
Max. 300 Mbits Download, 150 Mbits Upload
Suitable as a replacement for the Internet at home. LTE-WLAN routers with multiple people, offices, shared flats and any other case of shared use.

Additional speed profiles and roaming packages can be selected in the customer portal once the SIM card has been activated.

An overview of all rates can be found here.

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