The Starter SIM-Card
for all your smart Devices

Mobile Internet for Switzerland proudly presented by
Digital Republic «Connect»

With the Digital Republic «Connect» Data SIM you can easily and comfortably connect your devices via the mobile internet. Wondering which devices we are talking about? Tablets, laptops, cars, SmartWatch, alarm systems, hotspots or LTE routers up to Internet of Things (IoT/M2M) applications like sensors, GPS trackers, IP cameras or remote monitoring – simply every device a data SIM card needs. The 4in1 SIM fits in all devices and connects them via the best mobile network in Switzerland.

Without subscription, basic fees and contractual obligations, you can book flexible data packages tailored to your application. You never pay more than you actually need. And best of all: Data packages can be automatically renewed via the intuitive customer portal. So your devices always stay connected to the mobile Internet. You can also monitor your data consumption in real time and conveniently manage multiple SIM cards.

What do I get with the Starter SIM-Card?

  • The 3in1 SIM card (fits into all devices)
  • First data package for Switzerland (see list ‘Starter SIM variants’ above)
  • Access to customer portal with real-time data consumption view and purchase of additional data packages

Which Starter SIM-Card is right for me?

You decide how you want to get in. Starter SIM cards with different running times and data volumes are available for you to choose from:

100 MB CH | 30 days: It is ideal for all smart devices with low data consumption, such as simple sensors, personal or pet trackers, vehicle tracker, personal object locators, navigation solutions, trackers for hikers, etc… Ideal for beginners and for testing.

500 MB CH | 30 days: For all smart devices with medium data consumption like Smart Watches, smart lawn mowers, weather stations, smart meters, alarm systems, smoke detectors, Do it Yourself (DIY) projects with developer boards like Adafruit, Arduino, Raypberry Pi, etc.

1 GB CH | 60 days: This version is suitable for all smart devices with high data consumption such as Tablet computers, eBook readers, entertainment solutions in vehicles, or other mobile devices.

2 GB CH | 60 days: As a supplement to the 1 GB version, this version is also suitable for applications such as laptops, notebooks, surface, hotspots, network cameras, action cam, dash cam, photography or other image recording applications.

And here are the Starter SIM-Cards for a whole year:

300 MB CH | 365 days: This is 25 MB per month and sufficient for many GPS trackers, sensors, remote controls and other applications with low data consumption.

1.2 GB CH | 365 days: With 100 MB per month, for example, you can enable a redundant Internet connection via LTE router for your server. Or if you can do without the phone app on your smartphone and only communicate with WhatsApp, Insta or iMessage, this may be the most affordable subscription in Switzerland.

24 GB CH | 365 days: No matter whether with the tablet, laptop, on the way with the Hotspot or in the car – always connected with high-speed Internet. In addition, the surveillance camera can send out several pictures of your holiday home over the year.

How does it work?

  1. You choose from the list above a Starter SIM-Card
  2. Once you have received the SIM, activate it according to the instructions.
  3. Then insert the SIM into your device and off you go!

If your data volume is used up, you can buy further data packages in the customer portal or set the automatic renewal of the data packages. Below you will find the tariffs for additional data packages.

You bought a Starter SIM-Card and used up your data volume?

Via the customer portal you can activate individual data packages tailored to your device. And here are the plans:

Data packages for 30 days,
valid in Switzerland:

100 MB | 4.-
300 MB | 6.-
500 MB | 8.-
1000 MB | 10.-
2000 MB | 16.-
3000 MB | 24.-

Data packages for 365 days,
valid in Switzerland:

300 MB | 24.-
1.2 GB | 36.-
24 GB | 168.-

for roaming,
Data packages for 30 and 365 days:

100 MB | 30 days | 6.-
300 MB | 30 days | 9.-
1000 MB | 30 days | 22.-

300 MB |365 days | 36.-

Note: You can add roaming data packages separately or deactivate them at any time. Depending on what you and your devices need. If you only need roaming for now, just take the Starter SIM-Card with 100 MB CH for 30 days and add your desired roaming data package after activating.