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Smartphone mit mobilem Internet

The Smartphone - The all-round computer to go

Smartphones have become an integral part of today's society. They come in all sizes, colours and variations. Even the youngest members of a family are equipped with a smartphone at an early age. The areas of application for which a smartphone can be used are as numerous as the number of users themselves. Social media, telephony, surfing, video streaming apps, gaming and much more enables a broad application of our daily companion. Most of what we do on smartphones today is done over the Internet. If you can do without classic phoning and SMS and use Whatsapp most of the time anyway, then our offer works perfectly on your smartphone. You save yourself a mobile phone subscription that is usually expensive. here

The right subscription for every application

You can set up your phone with the right connection speed that works for your applications. If you only use a VoIP app to make calls over the Internet, the Flat 1 with 1 Mbits download and 0.5 Mbits upload is perfectly sufficient. If you regularly use streaming offers such as Netflix, YouTube or Spotify, the Flat 10 with 10 Mbits download and 5 Mbits upload is the right one for you. You can also use your smartphone as a WLAN hotspot and connect several devices to the Internet. To do this, order the Flat 300 offer with 300 Mbits download and 150 Mbits upload.

Bye Bye Plastic! Our Flat Subscriptions are now also available as eSIM!

All our flat subscriptions are also available as eSIM. It takes only a few minutes to install the eSIM. It is done in a few simple steps. The eSIM is the sustainable future for your devices. Find out which devices are eSIM compatible. Click here.

Further information about the eSIM can be found in our blog.

Discover our other use cases

Schwarzer, ferngesteuerter Temperaturregler

Remote Controls

Before arriving in the holiday apartment turning on the heating? No problem, if you equip your smart home solution with the 0.4 Mbits (Flat 4 for CHF 4.-) SIM card, your home is always perfectly networked.
Weisses Auto mit mobilem Internet in Seitenansicht

Internet in the Car

Provide entertainment with a WLAN hotspot in the car. Use a mobile hotspot with 50 Mbits (Flat 50 for CHF 20.-) - or insert the SIM card directly into the slot in your car.
Schwarzer LTE Router

LTE Router

Do you run several series marathons at home at the same time? No problem. Equip your LTE-enabled WLAN router with a 300 Mbits SIM card (Flat 300 for CHF 40.-) and all your flatmates can surf at full speed

SIM Karte für mobiles Internet von Digital Republic

Test now with no strings attached

Put Digital Republic through its paces with your mobile devices for a month - at no cost and no termination notice.

Digital Republic SIM-Karte auf blauem Untergrund

Test now with no strings attached

Order your SIM Card today and enjoy your month of free unlimited data tomorrow. With us you don’t have to fear being tied down. Call us anytime if you need advice.