LTE router

Schwarzer LTE Router

Possible applications of a LTE router

It is impossible to imagine your home without Internet. In addition to existing fibre-optic and DSL solutions, there is now a wide range of LTE routers that send data via the 4G/LTE mobile network. Many households therefore use an LTE solution as a substitute. Setting up a WLAN with an LTE router brings many advantages, such as independence from fibre-optic and copper lines. This means that you can connect either your whole family or your shared flat with several devices to the Internet at low cost.

Which tariff is suitable for an LTE router?

In order that several devices can benefit from a stable Internet connection, at least the data subscription Flat 50 with 50 Mbits download and 25 Mbits upload should be used. This allows several devices to be connected to the Internet. However, if several devices want to use streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube and Spotify at the same time, you should use the Flat 300 with 300 Mbits download and 150 Mbits upload. You should also make sure that you buy an LTE router that can provide the appropriate connection speed. Of course, the speed also depends on the network coverage and load at your home. To find out whether the speed is sufficient for you, we recommend that you test our offer for one month free of charge.

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