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One look at the smartphone and the situation is actually clear: the average smartphone user has almost 95 apps installed on their device. 94 of these are dependent on mobile internet, only 1 on classic telephony. So why would you still need a classic mobile phone subscription with telephony? But wait… what if you need to make an appointment with the dentist, send a confirmation via text message or call your grandparents, for whom WhatsApp calls are perhaps a foreign word? Occasionally you do use it, that little green icon that reliably establishes a telephone connection via the mobile network. And that’s exactly what you can do now with your Digital Republic subscription. Make calls and send unlimited SMS to all Swiss networks for only CHF 8 per month.

How to use the Voice Option

The Voice Option works in combination with all data rates. Depending on the application, you select your Internet speed and activate the Voice Option in the customer portal. We recommend the following combinations depending on your usage:

  • For the smartphone: Flat 10 data (CHF 10) + voice option (CHF 10)
  • For smartphones or smartwatches for the kids: Flat 1 data (CHF 6) + voice option (CHF 10)
  • For alarm systems and control units: Flat 0.4 data (CHF 4) + voice option (CHF 10)

As usual, neither you need to pay an activation fee, nor are you bound by contract periods. You can activate or deactivate telephony and SMS whenever you want. For example, if you don’t need to make calls for a month and only need data, you can pause the option as needed.

How to get the Voice Option

The easiest way is to order a new and free SIM card and activate the Voice Option in the customer portal . In this way, you can check out the Voice Option free of charge for a month and then decide whether you want to continue using it.

Of course, you can also activate the voice option on your existing eSIM or SIM card in the customer portal. Please note that an active data plan is required to use telephony and SMS.


Order your SIM card via our website or add a new eSIM in the customer portal.



Register your new SIM and activate the voice option together with your data plan. You can take your phone number with you.



Make unlimited phone calls in Switzerland.


Still have questions? 

Read our FAQs or contact us to get your questions answered.

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