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How to Change Your Mobile Subscription

A mobile phone subscription change is associated with endless investigations, phone calls and a few more gray hairs. That may be the idea you have of a provider change. But if you realize that your mobile phone subscription no longer meets your needs and you want to switch, it doesn't have to be that way! We explain to you how you can easily switch your mobile phone subscription to us - without any headaches.

1 Switch, 100 Questions

Der Handy Abo Wechsel kann dich zu Beginn vor viele Fragen stellen: Wann ist der beste Zeitpunkt zum Wechseln? Kann ich meine Rufnummer zum neuen Anbieter mitnehmen? Um welche Schritte des Wechsels muss ich mich selbst kümmern? Letzteres können wir bereits jetzt vorwegnehmen: es ist gar nicht mal so viel! 

Switching mobile phone subscriptions can leave you with a lot of questions at the beginning: When is the best time to switch? Can I take my phone number with me to the new provider? Which steps of the change do I have to take care of myself? We can already answer the latter question in advance: it's not that much!

How the Switch to Digital Republic Works 

It's good to know that you don't have to cancel your contract with your existing provider. We'll take care of that for you! We'll take care of that for you! If you want to switch, it is therefore important that you do not cancel your contract with your old provider. The switch doesn't start with your cancellation, but with ordering a SIM from us. You can either order a SIM card on our website or - if you have an eSIM-enabled smartphone - Activate eSIM. If you choose a physical SIM card, it will be in your mailbox within 1-2 days and you can start the online registration. In the process, select "Yes, I would also like to make phone calls". If you want to transfer your phone number to us, you can select it next. 

Our video tutorial shows you step by step how the number portability works:


That's all you need to do, because we'll take the next steps for you. We will arrange everything necessary with your old provider and cancel your contract for you. Now you have to be patient for a while.

How do you know when the mobile phone subscription change will take place? As soon as your old provider informs us about the cancellation date, we will inform you by e-mail. On the day the cancellation becomes effective, your new subscription will be active. Then all you have to do is insert your new SIM card into your smartphone. If you have chosen an eSIM, this step is of course not necessary and you can start calling immediately after installing your eSIM profile. 

One Activation Does It All

By activating your SIM card with us, you've done everything in one go: ordered your subscription from us, cancelled it with your old provider and ported your number. Switching your mobile phone subscription has never been easier. However, we understand that each case is unique and may raise questions even after these explanations. That's why we've included more information about number porting and other steps of your mobile phone subscription switch in our support portal .

Not sure which subscription is right for you? Read our our article on the right Internet speed to find out which subscription suits you best.  

The cell phone subscription change in 5 steps at Digital Republic

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