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Digital Republic Becomes First Mobile Provider to Accept Cryptocurrencies

Media Release 07/29/2021

Digital Republic is the first mobile provider in Switzerland to proclaim cryptocurrencies as an official means of payment. SIM cards and subscription fees can now be paid with numerous cryptocurrencies at the Swiss provider. For the time being, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Litecoin and USD Coin are accepted in addition to the two most popular currencies Bitcoin and Ether.

Zurich, July 29, 2021 – Cryptocurrencies have arrived in the general economy. Switzerland shows up on coinmap.org as a hotspot for acceptance points. Since this year, for example, the people of Zug have been able to pay their taxes with Bitcoins and Ether. The blockchain, along with cryptocurrencies, is on a stable, legal footing in Switzerland, where a fintech ecosystem has developed in Zurich and Zug in particular.

Porträt von Ali Soy, Co-Founder von Digital Republic


Ali Soy, Co-Founder von Digital Republic

„Für uns als Digital Republic ist es daher nur logisch, dass wir als erster Mobile Provider der Schweiz Kryptowährungen akzeptieren“, sagt Co-Founder Ali Soy.

Nicht nur logisch, es ist sogar Teil des Geschäftsmodells: Digital Republic ist ein durchgehend digitalisierter virtueller Mobile Network Operator, der transparente Tarife bietet, auf Vertragsbindungen verzichtet und Kundinnen und Kunden die vollständige digitale Kontrolle über ihre mobilen Endgeräte und ihre SIM-Karten sowie Datenservices erlaubt.

Porträt von Marco Arnold, Co-Founder von Digital Republic


Marco Arnold, Co-Founder von Digital Republic

Marco Arnold, Co-Founder: «For us, as well as for our customers, cryptocurrencies are not hype, but a useful additional payment method.» 

Paying with cryptocurrencies: How it works

Digital Republic now accepts cryptocurrencies - in addition to Bitcoin and Ether, for the time being also Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Litecoin and USD Coin. During the payment process on digitalrepublic.ch , you can now select "cryptocurrency". The desired account is then opened directly, and the payment process is completed.

SIM cards with one or twelve months of unlimited internet can be paid directly with cryptocurrencies. In addition, a credit can be loaded for the payment of the monthly subscription fee using cryptocurrency.

Digital Republic accepts cryptocurrencies from now on


Digital Republic accepts cryptocurrencies from now on

About Digital Republic

Digital Republic is closing a gap in the digitization of the Swiss economy and society: The agile and innovative provider for mobile Internet in Switzerland relies exclusively on the mobile network and is thus closing the digital divide. Digital Republic's fair and transparent mobile subscriptions for smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and other IoT devices can be used flexibly, managed, and cancelled independently online at any time. This means customers only pay for what they need. Digital Republic puts an end to activation fees, minimum contract periods, and hidden costs. Since June 2021, Digital Republic has also been offering unlimited telephony and SMS in Switzerland in addition to its data subscriptions.

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