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VPN IPv6 IoT Router Box VIIRB von der Marke Ungleich

Static IP addresses over the mobile network

Normally, no public, static IP addresses are assigned with data SIM cards. Nevertheless, more and more companies require an internal company network with static IPs in order to be able to access the infrastructure securely from outside. With the help of an IPv6 network, all devices in a company can be assigned a static IP address. As the successor to IPv4, IPv6 is the technology of the new Internet. You can already migrate to the new protocol standard today without much effort. This makes it easier for external employees to access the infrastructure. 

The Digital Republic SIM card with static IP addresses

With Digital Republic you now have the possibility to set up your own IPv6 network over the mobile network. The so-called VIIRB - Router of the company ungleich glarus AG takes over this task for you, without the need for great technical know-how. All devices connected to the router receive their own static IP, which remains even after a connection interruption. Your infrastructure is also protected by an already integrated firewall. 

Which SIM cards are suitable for the IPv6 Network?  

Depending on which end device is to be connected to the IPv6 network, you can use a different Digital Republic subscription. If you want to connect your internal infrastructure to the IPv6 network, the Flat 300 subscription with maximum speed is suitable. For an external employee who wants to access the network via VPN, a Flat 10 subscription is sufficient. Contact us if you have further questions. We will be happy to advise you.

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