Use Cases

Remote Maintenance

Laptop und Tablet werden zur Fernwartung genutzt

Remote maintenance for devices, sensors and controls

Thanks to mobile Internet, it is becoming increasingly easy for technicians to perform service and maintenance on devices. Thanks to remote maintenance, a lot of time is saved, as there is no need to travel to the device. So you can add a SIM card to a device and service it remotely. Mobile Internet can also make it easier for you to call up sensor readings, for example in meteorology and photovoltaics. This solution is also suitable for smart home applications, as you can control and monitor devices such as heaters or air conditioners quickly and easily on the move via app.

Which data package is suitable for remote maintenance?

A Flat 4 with 0.4 Mbits download and 0.2 Mbits upload is sufficient for retrieving sensor readings and other small amounts of data. If you need to download service updates to a device as quickly as possible, the Flat 10 with 10 Mbits Download and 5 Mbits Upload is the best choice. In smart home applications you can also use the SIM card as an Internet hotspot. The Flat 300 SIM card, which offers 300 Mbits download and 150 Mbits upload, also covers this area of a smart home perfectly.

Static IP-Adress and IPv6 Network

Thanks to the combination of Digital Republic SIM cards and an IPv6 network, you can now set up a network with static IP addresses for all your IoT and mobile devices. This allows you to easily access your devices or your data in the office remotely from anywhere. Thanks to the static network, no additional cloud service is needed. Learn more about SIM cards with public IP or contact us for information on how you can set up your own IPv6 network with our data SIM cards.

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